Lemonnade - TangEray

Product description

New from Lemonnade.

Aroma: Citrus and pine

Flavor: Tropical fruit burst

Experience: Happy uplifting feel

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9 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars


Usually need a few bowls over a few hours of smoking to get that full head high but this puts me at that level instantly 0 -> 10 definitely recommend if you like the sativa body and head high. I will forever miss the lemon pepper that lemonade had but this is my new favorite strain.
1 year ago
5 stars

Excellent Bud!

Was recommended by Bud tender and it's a shame I don't remember her name to shout her out. This was some of the best bud I've purchased in a long while. Burned extremely clean no harsh taste plus I noticed it wasn't any foul weed odor. Worth the entire 62$ I paid for it. I saw one review where guy said it was trash delivery guy definitely screwed him over because. This definitely isn't lower tier weed! Enjoy
2 years ago
5 stars

Super Sativa

Very lemony nose. Almost reminds me of the pinesol cleaner. This strain provides an energetic buzz. IMO this would pair well with a cup of tea for a morning session. Overall a tasty uplifting smoke that burned extremely clean.
5 stars

tried this bomb sativa

on point with the flavor definetly cactus cooler terps. tangie 🍍 orange and lime flavor my boi if you are a sativa lover try dizz one cuzz. check out my youtube channel weedperkswithskyworks to see some reviews
2 years ago
4 stars

Great wake and bake

Taste like a gin and tonic minus the hangover. smooth long lasting euphoria. i usually wouldn’t take to these type strains but it was awesome. a must try
4 stars


Recommend picking up if your into flavors🍋👌
2 years ago
3 stars

TangEray Final Score: 6/10

Today we're reviewing The Lemonnade TangEray (Lemonnade x Cactus Cooler) I picked this up on 12/31/2019 from the new Cookies shop Berner's On Haight. This batch of TangEray tested at 22.92% THC and was packaged up on 08/21/2019. Right upon opening the suede-like yellow bag, a pleasantly invigorating and powerful nose of over-ripened oranges, tangy lime zest, sugared lemon citrus, and earthy crushed mint quickly awakens the senses. The flowers display beautifully differentiating green hues that act as a sort of camouflage to the vast array of amber-orange pistils. A dense trichome layer envelopes each bud, creating a nicely frosted look from any angle. Unfortunately, the positivity train slows down a bit here, as every joint burned almost entirely black ash all the way down. The multiple varieties of pungent citrus I was excited to taste were left sorely muted, and a very slight harshness remained at the back of the throat after smoking. The effects were immediate and enjoyable as a happily hazy, uplifting cerebral euphoria with light pressure around the temples set in. TangEray isn’t overwhelmingly energetic, but certainly enjoyably bright, with a lightly relaxing full body high and a mind buzzing tingle. The harsh way the flower smoked and the lack of flavor translation from the bag to the joint were my biggest issues with this particular batch of TangEray. However, I would still possibly give this flower another chance in the future due to some of the popular feedback I’ve seen from other trusted sources. For more: Check us out on Instagram @cannaobserver
2 years ago
3 stars

Not bad but not great

I paid 100 bucks for a quarter off this and I feel it’s not worth it. Might be worth more like 60-70. I love me a good Sativa especially with a good energy buzz. The main thing this bud has going for it is the taste, but the taste feels a little synthetic. Haven’t tested yet on wake and bake, but I’ll see how it really is. I feel that the high it provides isn’t too long lasting or nearly as strong as cheaper Sativas on the market. My opinion is that retailers need to start stocking more True Sativas!!
2 years ago
1 star


Producer PAL18-0000885 THC 815 mg 23.20% Batch # EW-070319-LC CBD 0.00% Paid 60$ for this garbage a** bud bought from the delivery, MCEC Victorville. And of course u can’t see thru the packaging to know the buds ur buying. Honestly w what I got, I’m seriously questioning if the other reviews r legit... BE CAREFUL... I regret paying the 60 + tax for this hyped trash & I hope this helps any second guesses u might have!!!!!
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