Coco Beach

Product description

Maui Wowie x Coconut


Ingredients: THC Distillate, Hybrid of Cannabis-Derived and Botanical-Derived Terpenes Infused with a natural fruit flavor (Made from high quality essential oils extracted from organic fruits)

NO PG,VG, PEG, MCT, Vitamin E Acetate, additives or carrying oil.

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8 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

this cart has taken the place of my favorite cart

I wish I wouldn’t have taken so long to try this cart! I didn’t think it would be very good but it tastes just like coconut w a really smooth hit. I love it 🥺
3 months ago
5 stars

Superb quality

Nice and mellow, but not so much that I feel the need to sleep which is exactly what I look for in a sativa. And Sunday Extracts does a fantastic job with how they make their cartridges.
3 months ago
5 stars


Taste like coconuts 🥥 im high den a mf 😂
4 months ago
5 stars

Get This Cart Right Meow! 🥥🥥🥥

I wasn't sure how the taste would be but it is absolutely amazeballs!!!! Light coconut flavor; not fake but more like real raw coconut. The 91.65% THC content is very nice & it gives me a nice mellow high. Completely reminds me of the beach.
4 months ago
5 stars

To perfection...

3 key takeaways - Coconut flavor is identical to real coconut - Very few Sativas as powerful/uplifting as this - Nothing else on the market (smoked easily 1000+ carts) comes close being this good. A must try for all coconut connoisseurs.
8 months ago
5 stars

Transports to the islands

This cart is one of my favorites, if you love the beach get this cart. If you love almond joys get this cart. Serious flavor, and great high!
11 months ago
5 stars

Taste just like Coconut 🥥

I love carts that pack a punch and stick to the flavor it advertises!! This is one of my favorite new Sunday carts
11 months ago
5 stars

The Best Sunday Cart

It tastes just like coconut, this is by far my favorite of their carts!
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