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Knox Medical (Delivery Now Available)

Coming Soon San Antonio, TX 78205 - Dispensary

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San Antonio Dispensary - Knox Medical (Delivery Now Available)

First-Time Patients

Texas has only outlined intractable epilepsy as the only qualifying condition at this time. Once a qualified physician enters the patient in the State's Compassionate Use Registry, the patient will be able to obtain product

About Us

Knox Medical is a San Antonio Low-THC Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Coming soon, Knox Medical will provide pharmaceutical-grade low-THC cannabis medicine to San Antonio patients diagnosed with epilepsy. Proud to be one of few organizations licensed to cultivate and process medical marijuana products for epileptic patients, Knox Medical is dedicated to professional service and the compassionate treatment of any patient in need.


Knox Medical’s leadership team originates from decades of medical, pharmaceutical, and horticultural experience. This knowledge equips them with a thorough understanding of not only how to yield the most efficient CBD cannabis therapies but also how their product works to alleviate epileptic symptoms in patients. Knox Medical’s dispensary begins with by cultivating pharmaceutical-grade cannabis genetics that are most useful for epileptic patients in their advanced Schulenburg facility.Then, they employ the latest extraction processes to yield clean and optimized low-THC cannabis products. Knox Medical’s dispensary team provides San Antonio patients with safe, affordable access to lasting, alternative relief.


To become a qualifying medicinal cannabis patient, San Antonio individuals must first meet with a Texas doctor who specializes in epilepsy, neurology or child neurology. Per the Texas Compassionate Use Act, low-THC cannabis may only be prescribed to individuals diagnosed with epilepsy for whom two previously attempted treatments were unsuccessful. After meeting with the patient, the physician will then register as a prescriber for the person in the Texas Compassionate Use Registry and develop a treatment plan that designates dosage, consumption method and length of cannabis treatment. Once the prescription is written, San Antonio patients may visit Knox Medical’s facility to obtain their low-THC cannabis.


While Knox Medical’s San Antonio location prepares for opening, the Schulenburg cultivation center will provide San Antonio patients with medical cannabis delivery services, starting December 2017. Patients can order cannabis oil online through Knox Medical’s website and a courier will transport their medicine throughout San Antonio and the surrounding regions.


Service Locations:

Knox Medical’s San Antonio facility will welcome suffering patients from throughout the city and surrounding region. Residents in  Alamo Heights, Leon Valley, Helotes, Grey Forest and Timberwood Park rely on Knox Medical’s top-quality cannabis. Their dispensary will serve patrons from Selma, Live Oak, Universal City, Converse, and St. Hedwig. Patients from Elmendorf, Losoya, Von Ormy and Macdona, can access their effective cannabis relief. From Bandera and Boerne to Stockdale and New Braunfels, Knox Medical dedicates all efforts to improving their patients’ quality of life.


Location Information:


San Antonio stands in south-central Texas, rich with a colonial heritage and abundant cultural offerings. The San Antonio Museum of Art features exhibits from Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and other cultures, and the San Antonio Botanical Garden offers paths through 38 acres of trails and ponds. The Mission Concepcion is America’s oldest unrestored church, dedicated in 1755. The Witte Museum showcases Texas’ history on the grounds of Brackenridge Park, while the Alamodome is home to sports games, conventions and the Alamo Bowl. From the AT&T Center’s immense concert venue to the 150 stores of the Ingram Park Mall, Knox Medical is proud to alleviate the suffering of any patient in need.


Coming Soon
San Antonio, TX, 78205
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September 14th, 2017

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Knox Medical (Delivery Now Available)


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99.9% CBD costs $25/g to consumers BEFORE bulk discounts are included through multiple companies. 600mg CBD product IN-STORE should cost no more than $30-35 and that's already after selling to the merchant and doubling your money. Please don't be another money thirsty tyrant getting into the industry only for profit with no intentions to actively intent to help and alleviate your patents (who are people with intractable epilepsy!) without ripping them off finacially. Cannabis costs about the same as tomatoes to grow.. Growing them both takes pretty much the same level of fertilizers and climate. Outdoors, cannabis has very few pests. Tomatoes need more pesticides - they look yummy to bugs, too! Both are labor-intensive to harvest. Tomatoes need more careful handling because they can bruise and that lowers their value. Since cannabis is a dried product, let's dry our tomatoes! Whole cannabis plants can be hung and dried with little fuss. Drying tomatoes takes heated air, fans, drying sheds, screening to keep insects out. Logically, cannabis should be cheaper per pound than dried tomatoes! The price of cannabis is kept artificially high by prohibition! Don't let evil take over this God-given plant and put profit over children with intractable epilepsy. On one last closing point, I sincerely from the bottom of my heart hope you put all your batches of cannabis through lab analysis to check for contaminates such as residual solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and other sickness causing chemicals that should not be in medicine.......actually why not just go into solventless extraction?

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First-Time Patients

Texas has only outlined intractable epilepsy as the only qualifying condition at this time. Once a qualified physician enters the patient in the State's Compassionate Use Registry, the patient will be able to obtain product

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