Purple Chai

Product description

Purple Chai, a cross between Dosilato and Triangle Kush, is a potent and relaxing Indica that displays vibrant purple hues beneath a sea of glistening trichomes. Pungent gassy notes and floral undertones are complemented by sweet spicy notes that are reminiscent of a warm cup of chai tea. Sweet earth and musky spice upon inhalation is followed by a floral exhale with piney and slightly fruity undertones. This strain offers a long-lasting high that builds gradually, beginning with a spark that stimulates conversation and creativity, and eventually settling into a lucid and tranquil state, making it a great strain for winding down at the end of any day.

FlowerCaryophylleneFloweryHumuleneIndicaLift Your SpiritsLimoneneMotivate Your MindPungentSleep SoundlySpicy/HerbalSweetTea
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5 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars


I smoke all the exotics. CBX, Jungle Boys, LA Kush, etc. This is by far the most unique strain in the game right now. Terps are out of this world and it got me stoned AF!
1 month ago
5 stars

Purple chai is zenful

Exotic clean white ash smoke.. Terps are on point, high is strong and well rounded with a smooth onset. Maven is a great flower brand
2 months ago
5 stars

Great flower!

Freakin baked right now lol this is some straight fire! Strong af too! Go pick some up! Enjoy!
2 months ago
3 stars

Honest review here..

It's ok... More of a beginner strain.. nice mellow buzz. Not heavy at all.
6 months ago
4 stars

taste like chai tea

This strain really does taste like chai tea honestly. super smooth smoke, burns well, white ash with a great relaxing high that makes you just want to chill and relax . I recommend this strain to anyone it’s definitely an interesting strain and a must try for people that like looking for strange exotic flavors
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