GM-UHOH Premium Cannabis Flower

Product description

Type: Hybrid 

THC: 32-36%

Effects: Soothing, Sedating, Tranquility.

A new age staple, GMO aka Gm-uhOh aka Garlic Cookies, is a stupid funky cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies, known for its incredibly unique terpene profile and soothing high. A mix of garlic, onion, mushroom, and gas, GMO is an indica dominant hybrid that hits just as strong as it smells. These light green, spade-shaped buds are draped in crystals and feature orange hairs throughout with the occasional streaking violet hue. It has been said that this potent smoke (testing between 32%-36% THC) can lead to a state of sedation and tranquility; GMO is known to help with chronic pain, anxiety and nausea. 

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29 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars

The garlic I’ve been looking for

Looks- 5/5 trichey as h*ll Flavor- 5/5 that new school garlic flavor with a hint of citrusy zkittles aftertaste has me looking all over the city for more(no cap) Effects- 4.5/5 an extremely sedating, and euphoric effect. Do not forget the snacks for the sesh because this makes you hungry af. Overall, this flower has to be one of the best GMO crosses I’ve had. I honestly like it more than normal gmo. If you’re looking for garlic that’ll put you on your a**, look no more.
3 months ago
5 stars


Holy hell 34% and change? This stuff melts my face off. This is some old school, skunky AF, and it’s the stickiest bud I’ve had since we started paying tax on it in CA straight up. Kicks alien Labs and Connected asses.
2 months ago
5 stars


Great GMO-(GM-UHOH) by CBX!! Mine Tested at 34.16% THC!! Hits Strong with a Great High and a Strong Lingering Gassy smell!! GM-UHOH and their Wedding Cake are my Most Favorite ones from CBX so far. Can't wait to get both again!!
2 months ago
5 stars


This is my first purchase from three trees arrived in 22 minutes and then an hour later I realize I was still on the couch staring at the TV LOL
12 days ago
5 stars


Almost had me cryin the high was so good. All my homies love CBX!!!!!
19 days ago
5 stars


Nose is one of a kind
1 month ago
5 stars

Got me geeked up boi

This dope got me hella geeked in one joint. I just zoned out and it was fire. Tasted like diesel and peanut butter, hella savory.
2 months ago
5 stars

GMO makes up for the stringy indica they sell

This is a win! CBX walker, kush mnt and WiFi have gone down hill. You get lots of trichomes and good smell but garbage nug quality. I mean just compare there kush mountain to blemish unruly. That unruly dumps on kush mountain. They have lost the good dense nugs. No bulbs just leafy. This Gm is amazing it has the look flavor and bulbly texture a good indica should have. CBC needs to ditch walker WiFi and mountain it’s over grown and gets worse every batch. This GM is is perfect forbid indica lovers and even for people who miss good. Sour diesel is a sativa but people who miss sour D must try this. Very sedative compared to sour D but very similar structure taste and smell. 10/10 but the rest of CBX is now 8 out of 10. I left CBX stuff behind because BLEM puts out real kush with amazing nug structure. This GMO is the only thing CBX makes that is as good as blem and cali lotus. If you want true pungent kush try unruly, la fuel, or cali og. All cultivated by cali lotus.
3 months ago
4 stars

Not a bad strain

But just not as good as other CBX strains out there. Light fluffy nuggs, nice smell, decent mellow smoke.
1 month ago
3 stars

Does not burn

I have got this strain several times. At first when it came out, it was good, said 37%. I didn’t think it felt like 37% when I smoked it, but still good and that’s why I kept getting it. As of recently the percent is lower, which feels the same as before, all good. But new batch is soooo harsh and does not burn. This is my second jar of the not so good stuff. Has batch date of 081021. I’ve tried drying it out a little and grinding it, but still does not burn down.
3 months ago
2 stars

I’m done…

I cant do this inconsistent stuff no more when weed is alr overpriced as it is, bought this for 69$ flat at Stizzy Pomona hoping for it to at least SMOKE DECENT and it does that just barely and also has no taste… The weed looks pretty good testing at 34% but it jus doesnt smoke smooth. Its almost unsmokeable in a wood and thats what i like to smoke. HOW DO U MAKE A 70$ 8th THAT BARELY BURNS IN A BLUNT??? Only reason i gave it 2 stars cuz it did get me kinda high. BTW this was a very fresh batch packaged 8/23/21. Yall wedding cake had this same problem only strain that seemed decent was kush mountains but even thats shotty sumtimes… maven’s cherry gas was decent too but idk what happen its like a strain is solid then everyone finds out about it then it becomes bunk… any ways im done with all these brands except fresh baked cuz no matter what their bud tends to smoke better then cbx for cheaper. This sure make me miss the old days of dispos where u jus walk in and grab sum firea$$ og out a jar :(
6 months ago
5 stars

Bomb 💣 Gmo done right

Best gmo ive ever had and a 37% thc to match this is a must try for any indica dominant fan so strong it made me fall asleep in a chair lol,taste great, very clean, burnt to ghost white ash This may be my new favorite from cbx 🙌👌👍
4 months ago
5 stars

Cryp weed!!!!!

Man this one wrecks your sh*t....... CBX has some other very potent strains but honestly Gm-uhOh might be their most potent.
5 months ago
5 stars

True TOP SHELF. Sticky, smelly, heavy hitting

Impressive. The 6/21/21 batch is absolute fire. 37% and I actually believe the label this time. Smooth smoke but with tons of flavor, you can really taste it and it tastes delicious. Sticky, not for a grinder. Really nice full body high, smooth and long lasting. Renewed my faith in CBX!.
5 months ago
5 stars

Fabulous High!

This is one for the books! the high is stoney, creative, relaxing and fun! it's one of my favorites, if not my favorite, by the CBX family!! I highly recommend! 10/10 💚
6 months ago
5 stars


if you’re wondering what garlic cookies might taste like you’re gonna want to try this strain!! It’s the most gassy, super smelly strain out there rn!! And it tastes so amazing!!!!! Definitely one of my very favorite flowers of all time!
6 months ago
5 stars

Worth it all the way 💜

5 months ago
5 stars

that sticky icky

Best GMO on the market right now hands down. Super gassy.
5 months ago
5 stars

😮🔥🔥 this is too shelf

Gassy must try 10/10
5 months ago
5 stars

Super stinky GMO!!

Probably the most fire cut of GMO i’ve smoked! Strong couch lock, and it gets me baked after just a bowl or two from the bong, very strong coming in at 37%🔥🔥
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