Moon Mix Cartridge - Strawnana 1000mg


This sweet berry strain is a hybrid crossing Banana Kush and Bubble Gum’s strawberry phenotype. Indica dominant, Strawnana delivers an uplifting, peaceful euphoria.

FRAGRANCE: Strawberry, sweet, berry

EFFECT: Soothed, happy, euphoric, hungry

Hybrid- Indica Dominant

No: VG, PG, PEG, MCT, Additives, or Carrying Oil


Keep out of reach of children.  Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

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3.4 stars

Excellent deals

They have them all any kind you want

I have bought 10 so far

I have bought vapes across the board, MM is the ONLY brand I haven't got a bad one yet (maybe I am just lucky) Every other brand I have had bad exp with or at a min got at least 1 bad vape out of the bunch. As far as taste,,Eh, It still has a somewhat chemical back taste, But after $50 spent, hell I am glad I found a constant brand that works. I do like the way the company plays with flavors and their witty names and packaging is top notch. (Although I do understand that has nothing to do with product (i would buy out of a Top Ramen bag if the product was good) just worth mentioning.) At $46 (Friendly's on Porter Norman Ok) "Strawnanna" & "Sundae Driver" have become my go to vapes

tastes awful

My first strawnanna was a dud, and the dispensary exchanged it. The second one tastes awful, and has a reddish tint. The package says a sweet, berry flavor. Wrong! It tastes like dirt. I have purchased several mm vapes in the past, and it seems the quality has really gone down as time moves forward.

Good Carts

Yeah I don't get the bad reviews are all. I've never got a bad cart. Battery always charged and warm your oil if it acts cloggy but with the MM I never have to preheat. Doesn't seem weak either to me

My go-to at night!

The Strawnana is THE BEST! THE BEST, JERRY! This is what I use at night. Completely relaxing, great taste, super potent. I don't understand mediocre rating?! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐across the board!

We loved it!

The Friendly Market is our go to shop. Knowledgeable staff, who are actually quite friendly.

didnt think it did anything

very weak


Pretty harsh. Tasted like every other cart in OK. Like pine sol. I never really got elevated. Makes me want to stick to flower and dab.

Not a Moon Mix fan

This is my 2nd MM cart. First couple hits felt good but after that, zero effect. Tastes terrible. I've had several other brand carts. MM is by far the worst.

Tested product that works

Test results speak themselves. Organic and pesticide free. Great cart! Satisfied customer.

Danger alert ...idiots

My dab rig was covered in black slime after several dabs...very scary you guys are going to get people sick!

Taste is poor and potency weak

Was excited after my first hit and that’s where it all stopped. Each hit after tasted worse and worse and I have a very small vape battery and it is set on its lowest setting, so I know it’s not my battery as every other brand of cartridge I’ve purchased in the state of OK works on it fine and all have tested much better.

Agree with previous review re: potency

Tried the Moon Mix Strawnanna and I’ve also tried 3 different XEN carts (Blueberry, GSC, and Strawberry)and they all seem VERY WEAK to me in comparison to other brands I’ve tried in other states such as Rove. Simple Cure Brand when you can find them here ARE full spectrum but equal in potency IMO and I don’t have a big tolerance. I haven’t tried several other brands yet and I haven’t had any issues with any cartridge leaks among any of the companies I have tried which is good since it is a common problem. Thanks

Don't buy moon mix Carts

I bought a 45$ + tax for a 1 ml strawnana moomix and it is definatly the WORST cart I have had since early Nov back last year. I have had Cannabis Dan wich for house brand is way way better than moonmix for just 5 dollars more.XEN are good carts but to expensiv at 60 and 65$, I wont pay more than 60$ for carts and tats including tax, I just wont do it but anyhow XEN are great carts and helix is also another high $ cart but to take the cake of all high $ carts would be redbud at 55$ for .5ml..for their sake I do have to say it is the only full spectrum that I know of right now but still guys really!! 55 for two days of medication?? how the fry is anyone supposed to make ends meet w/that going out weekly.. Sorry folks but yeah that's my review ,you guys can critic me all you want and say Im cheap or is it I just medicate too much or too often..Im only a moderate user for pain , this is just not working for the end consumers paying mega bucks for their medicine..PLS don't get greedy don't want to be like big pharma and strait F ppl over. anyhow thanks for listening and allways staylifted -Peace.


Feels kinda weak. 3.25/5

Flavor and potency!

It says only 77% thc but it hits very hard! Taste is amazing. Just opened it, I’ll review again when it’s almost empty. Update: worked great, hit it on and off for like 2 weeks and worked fine. Would clog a little if I didn’t hit it in a long time, but just pull through it hard and the wax will unclog. Great flavor all the way through, great vapor production, will get another.

Best vape ever

Doesn’t make your throat sore and dry
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