Moon Mix Cartridge - Clementine 1000mg


Clementine is a hybrid combining Lemon skunk and Tangie strains. Its sweet orange citrus flavor has happy, energizing, focused sativa effects.

FRAGRANCE: Citrus, orange, sweet, terpenic fresh

EFFECT: Energizing, uplifting, happy


NO: VG, PG, PEG, MCT, Additives, or Carrying Oil


Keep out of reach of children.  Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

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4 stars


Great flavor but hard to draw from the first hit. I vaped on it for the day then left it on my nightstand, connected to the battery but it was off and sitting upright. 1/2 the tank leaked out. ruined the battery and wasted the oil.

love love love

My favorite moonmix :)

Sweet Clementine

It doesn’t taste sweet it just taste like the flower clementine which is great cause some thc vape juice taste too much like cologne and doesn’t last long. With moon mix strains they last a long period of time. This strain is my favorite since it’s sativa dominant. It keeps me going to do my day to day activities and keeps me in a good mood and it takes away the pain I suffer from a deformed club foot and a calloused knee, helps me out with my depression and anxiety. This money well spent but if you buy it I highly recommend the vapor mod v mod battery it protects the glass tank and it has a magnetic 510 piece that screws in the 510 connector and it drops in and locks into place and it lasts for a while on a single charge. I will buy this particular cartridge again whenever my current one becomes empty. I give this one a 5 star review.


I have tried most of the moon mix carts and this is my favorite flavor...dont listen to the haters moon mix is a good quality vape juice i have never had an issue with them they taste good and work good to and where i buy them for 40.00 a gram you can't beat it.....

Awesome cartridge!

People this is not sub ohm vaping so stop sucking on the cartridge like your getting paid for it! I have dropped these icrushers a lot even forgot it in the gravel over night by the car and come back the next morning and it’s fine. Seriously put a xen cart on the same battery and actually meter everything and watch the more expensive xen burn the oil up faster oh and yeah what’s in it!? Moon mix got it all the way.

Flavorful but no Punch

Didn't quite pack the punch that I prefer with cartridges. Some may call it harsh, but i truly enjoy the lung expansion (broncho-dilation) properties associated with the inhale. This fell short on that, however makes up for it on the flavonoid and terp profile. Hints of grapefruit/citrus/limes on exhale. The oil itself is quite nice, golden colored and very thick in consistency (honey-like thickness) air bubbles barely move, however, the hardware (the coil burning the oil & the cart itself) was sub par quality. when spending a premium like these carts demand at least give us quality that matches the premium we paid. bad hardware makes for a bad experience. will edit to 4 or 5 stars if hardware improves. Today - MoonMix Clementine -- 3 stars.

so far impressed

potent and strong with great citrus aroma
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