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Biddeford Dispensary - Kind Guy


Get kind and unwind!

About Us

Get kind and unwind with KIND GUY! 

Kind Guy is a Biddeford Medical Marijuana Patient Care Center


Kind Guy is honored to deliver top-quality medical marijuana therapies to qualifying patients throughout the Biddeford community. As staunch advocates of cannabis and passionate believers in marijuana’s healing powers, Kind Guy’s service patients with their carefully cultivated stock of flower, concentrates, edibles and more.



Kind Guy founded their services after witnessing firsthand the remarkable effects cannabis had on relieving ailments. When their family member was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and lupus, they planted their first marijuana crop to craft infused lollipops and CBD oil with which to soothe their suffering. Inspired by the cannabis’ success, the founders wanted to spread the healing power of medical marijuana to any suffering patient in Maine. Thus, they founded Kind Guy in 2016, dedicated to providing the finest quality cannabis products in the state. Kind Guy began their compassionate marijuana patient care center in 2018, and they continue to work hard and meet the needs of their valued Biddeford patients. When Maine publishes its regulations governing recreational cannabis, Kind Guy will also serve their adult use Biddeford market.



Whether Biddeford patients desire flower, edibles or concentrates, Kind Guy’s cultivation center and processing lab creates an excellent assortment of cannabis options. Their Blue Dream flower is their long-reigning patient favorite, thanks to its creamy flavor and potent euphoria. Their Kind Guy cartridges feature flavorful strains such as Green Crack, LSD, and King Tut available for on-the-go, discreet marijuana medicating. Every one of Kind Guy’s cannabis products is lab tested in-house for potency, terpene profiles, and cleanliness.



First-time patients simply call or text Kind Guy to register them as their Maine medical marijuana caregivers. You will make an appoitment with our in house Dr who will then give medical cards to qualifying patients. Fee is being covered 50 percetn by Kind guy for the first few weeks so obtainting a medical card through our Dr will only cost you $60.00. Once Kind Guy-Biddeford verifies their patient status, patients are offered a first-time patient deal 20% off total orders .  


Location Information:

10 Pomerleau Street Biddeford is a coastal city in York County, Maine, framed by Saco Bay and intersected by I-95 and the Saco River. The nearby Funtown Splashtown USA is a double-duty amusement park and water slide hub that attracts all ages. The Old Orchard Beach Campground offers coastal views and plenty of hiking trails. To the south, the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is a vast estuary park with chances to watch nature and hike through its trees. From the Scarborough Beach State Park to the Palace Playland amusement park on the beach, Kind Guy is a proud member of its Biddeford community.


10:00am -  8:00pm
10:00am -  8:00pm
10:00am -  8:00pm
10:00am -  8:00pm
10:00am -  8:00pm
10:00am -  4:30pm
10 Pomerleau Street
Biddeford, ME, 04005
Member Since
June 13th, 2018

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Kind Guy

not impressed

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Decided to come in after having a lackluster experience with their delivery service. The place is nice and clean but that's about where the positives end. None of their product is tested at all. They do not have strain specific Vape cartridges. It's all the same distlate blend with different flavors added and they didn't know if they we're indica or sativa dominant. The gummies had a burnt weed taste to them. The last straw was when one of the bud tenders took my pre roll out of it's container and gave it a sniff to make sure it was the right one. So Gross. The prices were on the high side for what they had. Especially for non tested meds with no information whatsoever. I will not be coming back.

Bud Quality
Kind Guy

Blows any competition out of the water

Best of the best product from top notch amazing flower to seriosuly fire concentrates matched with some of the best kind of people you could meet. Not only are they all very helpful and genuine, but the name says it all. Kind is an understatement for these guys!! 100% guarenteed not to dissapoint.

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