Terry T x Gelato 33 (2:1 CBD) - 3.5g

Product description

An incredible 2:1 CBD cross, Terry T x Gelato 33 has a wonderful sour, citrus, diesel nose and gorgeous green buds with splashes of purple. We didn’t think Terry T could get any better, but here we are. Our beloved Terry T is all gassed up! If you know, you know.

Lineage: Terry T x Gelato 33

THC and CBD levels may vary

Flower2:1 CBD/THCCBDDieselFocusedGrapefruitLift Your SpiritsLimoneneLinaloolMyrcenePineRelaxedStay ProductiveTHCUplifted
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2 reviews

22 days ago
5 stars

Absolutely loved this

As someone easing back into weed after totally overdoing it in the past, I tried a 12:1 strain called Jellyfish, which I loved, and then stepped up to this, Terry T x Gelato. While I could definitely feel the jump in THC levels transitioning to this, this strain was just enough to get me high, but right at the doorway of high. I wasn’t feeling anything particularly psychoactive, just very floaty and relaxed. This is exactly what I was looking for.
3 months ago
4 stars


Definitely did as I expected. Helped me relax and eased some aches.
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