Joy of Life Wellness Center

4.9 stars by 460 reviews
dispensary Palm Springs, CAmedical & recreational
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm

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4.9 stars

Amazin Atmosphere

Awesome & friendly staff but most importantly knowledgeable in medicating with cannabis. They were able to guide me in the right direction !!!!

Great house stuff

Possibly the best place in the desert.

Been twice, mostly good experiences with one prob

So I've been here twice now and each time has been pretty good. Service is friendly and they are close to my house. I am kind of new to cannabis so I wish it were a little simpler laid out for new people. I also was there on a Thursday in September a few weeks ago when they had a rep from Henrys there and the buy andeighth and get a 1g preroll for 1 dollar promo. I didnt know about it going in but while there I brought an eight of Henrys Jilly Bean and was asking an emplyee about prerolls. She showed me the Henrys packs and the half gram littles. I ended up buying two half gram littles with the eighth ofJilly Bean but I wish she or someone would have told me about that sale because I definitely would have picked up a 1g preroll too.. since I am still new that makes me a little unhappy because that definitely would have been an awesome chance for me to try even more products...
Joy of Life Wellness Center
Palm Springs
We understand your concerns and want to make sure you receive the best service while visiting Joy of Life. The Henry's preroll deal just started last week. Unfortunately sometimes there is a shortage of the promotional prerolls so the company offers a 20% discount instead. When you came in on 9/19 the Henry's deals you received was 20% off. If you would like to come in this Thursday 10/4/19 we will have the promotional prerolls with every Henry's 8th purchase. Hope to see you soon. We appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing JOY.
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I highly recommend this dispensary!

I went here yesterday and there was a really friendly guy running a promotion for CRU flower. Picked up an 8th at 33% THC for only $40! I love how they are always having specials. The staff are all very welcoming and knowledgeable about the products they carry.


From the beginning of my visit till the very end of it was amazing!!! The door is opened for you as you walk in. Then in true customer service fashion you are greeted by a lovely staff that are very sweet. The sales floor is very organized, and boy oh boy THE OPTIONS!!! Most of the taxes are included in the price which is WONDERFUL! The sales staff is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and can help you find exactly what your looking for! I personally found the pain patches PERFECT for my back! I also purchased some high potency flower and moon rocks!!! Definitely going to be back AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!!!! Hahaha YOU LADIES HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Da bomb diggity

From the second I walked in the door I felt this was my new favorite place. So friendly, informative and had great daily specials!! I got a cartridge, herb and wax under $100! Cant wait to go back.

Best staff! Great prices! A JOY to shop at!

Joy Of Life has made my cannabis experience an absolute joy! Every time I walk into to this facility I am greeted with warm smiles and kindness as well as warm laughter. The products are priced affordable and purchased with a smile from the bud tenders. They carry an amazing range of edibles, flower, vape, tinctures name it! Joy Of Life is my go to spot for cannabis...visiting this store will turn your sad day around instantly! Can’t wait till my next visit!💖

My go to!

This is my go to shop!!! Always greeting me with a smile Joy Of Life has the best staff in the valley! So nice and professional and educated on their products. Thank you Joy of Life is such a JOY to go to your shop!!
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Beyond Elation! Finally!

In a world of corner store pot shops, you are a true WELLNESS CENTER. went in the other day and got a quarter of your house **** ***** thc 26%. INCREDIBLE!! Nowhere else have I seen anything close to such a delightful menu item offered anywhere else. This will last me a couple of weeks but I just might have to come by sooner in hopes it is still available

Great Place Great Staff!!

When you first walk up the Security Guard named Ryan greets you and opens the door (great start). You check in with the lovely sarah super nice. The lobby is also really clean smells fresh. Then you go back and the really helpful budtenders like erica, malingua, & amber, (sorry if I'm missing anyone) help you find the perfect medicine. They take there time and its a fun place to be. Its definitely my favorite place in the desert!

Thank you Joy of Life 💚

Whenever I go to JOL I know they always have the greatest selection of products. They’re always up on the latest best things to provide their customers. It’s such a pleasure visiting with the staff, they are very friendly and always make perfect suggestions. Thank you for every happy high time!🔥

Best shop OVERALL!!

Came in only wanting to spend a certain amount, I left with 3 full gram pre rolls and an eighth of smalls for under $45!!! I appreciated that the young lady assisting me helped me find the best bang for my buck!! I stuck to my budget and I am completely satisfied!! I will definitely make the 25 min drive to see Joy. Shout out to the friendly staff!! Whoop whoop👏👏

my purchase

i wemt into the store wanting to buy a 1g cartridge for pen. thinking i got a gram i got 1/2. she knew i wanted a gram. but instead of telling me that there prices were more than i wanted to spend she sold me something i didn't want. i won't be back

Worth the drive to 🌴Palm Springs🌴

Stopped by and picked up some CRU/High Garden box's and some Henry's jars, Cheechs Stash jar etc... I always enjoy visiting the ladies at Joy🌷Thanks Ericka for the friendly service🥀

My go to place ✌️

The Ladies over at Joy of wellness always take good care of me 🙂

Best place in the Desert

Of all the places I’ve been to out here, I’ve never been to one as nice and professional as this one! I basically go every day and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the Palm Springs area looking for any kind of cannabis!

the flowers thoughGreat place great staff

The staff is do great and helpful Erika was very helpful .

J.O.Y. can't be beat!

Once again, you are the BEST!! Just stopped in for my smoke. Prices always the best here. They had Kanha treats on sale today. Buy 1 get 1 for $2. Picked up some gummies, a🔥 preroll from loyal, a Rove cart (punch), and some Cru flower (star pebbles.) Service was OUTSTANDING as usual. Erika thank you for the recommendations. Can't wait to try them when I get home.


My favorite spot with the super value and great service too!


I am a regular here I stop about 2-3 times per week and they never seem to fail me,prices are decent the flower is awesome the staff is always great and friendly from Ryan the security to the staff in the back always nice coming here 👍