Charge 515 Canndescent 24% THC


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Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now CANNABIS Strain Review: Canndescent Charge No. 508 Smell plays a large role in the effects of cannabis.   By Cannabis Now Sponsor Published on August 31, 2017 SHARE TWEET     COMMENT Mornings are a great time to use the powers of aromatherapy to bring oneself back into the waking world. Whether it’s the invigorating citrus burst from the soap during a shower, or the aromas wafting off a cup of coffee, scent can play a key role in recharging motivations and directing the path a day will take. The same can be said of the aromas that burst off our favorite strains, sometimes simply smelling buds is enough to feel a boost in mood. Canndescent’s offering, Charge No. 508, is a strain with scents and effects catered to early mornings. The Santa Barbara-based company is taking a new approach to cannabis and, instead of indicating strains by name, categorizes them by their intended outcome. The company says Charge No. 508 is designed to start, “your day exceptionally, keeping you keen, focused, composed and clear-headed without a mid-day crash.”
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