Dancing Sun grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Product description

Emerald Spirit Botanicals has become well-known for creating and cultivating sensational 1:1 cultivars. Dancing Sun is a 1:1 cross of The One and Rising Sun, with a piney, tropical guava taste. It's a perfect Balanced cultivar that pleases those looking for a more grounded, less psychoactive high.

Flow Kana’s ‘Balanced’ line is made up of high CBD craft strains cultivated by independent farmers in Northern California. Balanced strains are great for calming, winding down and anxiety. Flow Kana sources from and gives scale to farmers to bring you the finest sun-grown, craft cannabis that’s sustainably grown. Balanced strains will have the specific strain name and farm name so you know what you're smoking and where it’s from. This jar is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Flower1:1 CBD/THCCaryophylleneCBDCBD-DominantFocusedHappyHybridLift Your SpiritsMarijuana DerivedMyrcenePinePineneRelaxedSweetTHCTHC-DominantTHCATropical
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1 review

3 months ago
5 stars

A very grounding high. Real medicine.

This strain is awesome. Helps relieve some of the mental and physical tension I feel when I’m really anxious without getting me really “high”. I feel very grounded after smoking this and able to get work done/go for a walk/ just feel present in what I’m doing and not in a fog of anxiety or self doubt. For this reason, I smoke it during the day. I can feel my breathing deepen and my jaw unclench. I am so glad to have found this strain.
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