Purple Cough

$56.03per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC17.2%
Total CBD0.4%

Purple Cough

Hybrid; Strawberry Cough X Anthocyanin Man (Plum Crazy X Purple Wookie)

Average 23-26% Total Cannabinoids; 


The beauty of pheno hunting lies in the intricacies of the genetics we breed. Purple Cough is an overwhelmingly bright and frosty flower. Her brilliant green landscape is covered by fiery orange pistils and looks like a magnificent star filled galaxy. She emanates a tangy, fruity, and sweet nose that smells akin to a sugary and skunky bubblegum. In other words, like happiness.

Purple Cough envelopes your palette with sweet and floral flavors, with slight hints of earthiness. She feels similar to putting your comfy clothes on; helping you relax and ease into the night. She has a heavier body and is less cerebral, and feels like a euphoric body melt. For those seeking healing relief, this strain could be helpful in moderate pain relief, relaxation, and in stress reduction.

Get off with Purple Cough.

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1 review

3 months ago
5 stars

Fruity Pebbles !!

looks like a bowl of fruity pebbles , smells earthy with a berry undertone , and instant uplifting high. purple cough 🟣🗣
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