It Is What It Is

$56.03per 1/8 oz
Product description

We’ve been hard at work introducing new and exotic genetics into our lineup and only the best will do. World, join us in welcoming “It Is What It Is” to the Green Life family. It Is What It Is has mountain shaped buds, with small chunky foxtails dipped in sugary trichomes. It’s evergreen buds have picturesque deep-purple tops, with radiant orange pistils and slight hints of red on the inside of the buds. When you break open a sticky nug, you’ll be greeted with an unbelievably enticing aroma --  super sweet and ultra gassy, almost licorice like, with hints of cookies. From the kind of aesthetics that make for good art, to the kind of aroma you want to live in, uniqueness defines her. 

For those times when all you can say is “it is what it is,” this strain has your back. Her thick smoke will coat your throat in delicious flavors of berries and gas, with hints of subtle earthiness. She’s sweet like a pastry, but sinister when it comes to her effects. Within minutes you’ll get that old familiar behind-the-eyes feeling and it will slow you down, and cheer you up. Deep relaxation and tension relief leads to the perfect flower for stretching out the stress. For those seeking healing relief, this strain could be helpful in reducing pain, inflammation, and in increasing appetite. 

Sometimes, It Is What It Is.

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2 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars

A go to strain

This strain from GLP has been my main go to since I first picked it up. The quality of the buds themselves are 5 star. This particular bud allows me to relax without getting to “sleepy” it slows me down just enough to be able to focus and enjoy what I’m doing at the moment. 10/10 for me.
11 months ago
5 stars

smells crazy ⛽️ 🍓

best new strain out .
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