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Marijuana Dispensaries in West Las Vegas, NV

Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of an 8th in Las Vegas

The average price of an 8th in Las Vegas is $35. Some of the strains at this price include; 13 Gorillas, Trainwreck, God Bud, Kush Master, Ultimate Indica, Yoda OG, Black Cherry Cheesecake, Blueberry Land, Fruit Pie, GG4, Lavender Jones, Lemon OG, Mandarin Cookies, Mountain Glue, Sex Candy, and Wonder Dawg. Other strains include; White Sangria at $45, Purple Glue at $42, Oregon Raspberry at $42, Mimosa at $40, 1991 OG at $42, Pineapple Upside Down Cake at $56, King Louis XIII at $42, and Critical Kush at $49.

Most popular strain in Las Vegas

The most popular strain in Las Vegas is Kush Master. It is an indica-dominant strain with a pungent aroma. The buds are dense conical green nugs with bright amber hairs and tiny white crystal trichomes. Mountain Glue strain is also loved by consumers in Las Vegas. It has an earthy aroma with herbal effects that's sweet and spicy. The buds are fluffy popcorn shaped with orange hairs and frosty coating.

Laws and regulations in Las Vegas

  • It is legal for adults 21 years and above to purchase and consume cannabis in Nevada.

  • Smoking cannabis publicly or in a vehicle is illegal.

  • It is prohibited to drive under the influence of marijuana.

  • It is legal to transport marijuana in a sealed container within Nevada.

  • It is illegal to export cannabis products from across state lines.

  • Out-of-state patients may legally purchase cannabis products if they have valid medical marijuana cards from their original state.

Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in Las Vegas

Adults at least 21 years may possess not more than one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis or an eighth of an ounce of concentrate at any given time. Medical marijuana patients 18 years of age and over or caregivers may purchase cannabis products that are not greater than 2.5 ounces (70.8 grams) for a two week period. It is legal for adult consumers to grow up to six plants if they live more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary, with no more than 12 plants per household. Patients may cultivate up to 12 plants if the dispensary is unable to supply the marijuana, if they lack transportation, or if they are too ill to travel.

Difference between a storefront and dispensary

A storefront serves the needs of adult consumers of cannabis products while a dispensary meets the needs of patients who want to treat a chronic condition.

In a storefront, customers don't need a prescription from a doctor to buy cannabis. In contrast, in a dispensary, customers must have a medical marijuana card from a qualified physician to purchase.

Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical

Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used by consumers to derive pleasure, whereas medical marijuana is used to treat underlying medical conditions.

To purchase adult-use cannabis, an individual does not require a medical marijuana card. However, to purchase medical marijuana, the patient must have a medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana contains more cannabidiol (CBD) compared to adult-use cannabis. This chemical has numerous potential health benefits that are still being researched by scientists. 

Medical patient benefits in Las Vegas

  • Medical marijuana patients have access to a wider variety of products containing higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  • Medical marijuana patients are given priority over adult consumers and can use patient-designated checkout lines. 

  • Minors can consume medical cannabis if they have a caregiver and a certification from two licensed physicians indicating their chronic condition.

  • Medical marijuana products are exempt from excise taxes, making them more affordable for patients.

Medical marijuana information in Las Vegas

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas, you must be a resident of Nevada with a valid Nevada ID to show proof of residency. If you don’t have an ID, then a passport or other documents showing proof of residency can be used. These documents can be a utility bill, a bank statement, etc.

Medical marijuana patients 18 years and above or minors with caregivers must have a debilitating condition diagnosed by a qualified physician.

Obtain a physician’s signature for the application, certifying that the patient has been diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating condition.

Registration of medical marijuana programs is done online at a fee of $50 per year.

Where does the Las Vegas tax revenue go?

Las Vegas cannabis tax revenue is used to implement government projects. Some of these projects include providing housing to the homeless, boosting public safety by hiring more police officers, improving the educational sector by renovating schools, and maintaining roads. The remaining funds are used for administration in Las Vegas and the employment of more qualified physicians to improve medical marijuana services.

united states
West Las Vegas listings