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Product description

Kush Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. The result is a high THC strain with a unique minty taste. Kush Mints provides effects that are uplifting and happy. This strain has a complex flavor profile that tastes like mint and cookies. Growers say Kush Mints grows best when indoors and done hydroponically. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help stimulate appetite.

FlowerCreativeHappyHybridKush MintsLemonMintRelaxedSpicy/Herbal
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4 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars

This kush mint is unreal

This strain is extremely minty and refreshing, I would recommend this to anyone who smokes. This had me really blazed and overall a very great experience, very smooth and soothing!
5 months ago
5 stars

Just fire

This and that PBJ is some gas. Stinky buds that smoke as great as they smell.
5 months ago
5 stars


another tasty strain!!! buds r dense as they get!!! gas all day
4 months ago
4 stars

Earthy 🌍

Very woodsy earthy smell, heavy body hitter, notes of spearmint, relax your night away
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