The Chemist - Indoor

Product description

The Chemist is something special cooked up by the Connected cultivation sciences. A perfect blend of the sweet Biscotti and diesel funk of Chem D. The flavor on the smoke is a sage-like earthiness with sugary sweet terps on every hit. Chem D has always been a hard hitter, but the Biscotti definitely took the power to 11, making the relaxing sedative effects even heavier.

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9 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

Great weed

Loved this weed. Pretty strong high.
3 months ago
5 stars

For connoisseurs

This will not dissapoint. Amazing.
12 days ago
5 stars

People are mad about the price

But this bud is 🔥. If you don’t look at the price tag, it’s BOMB. It STINKS but it smokes good and gets you pretty high;
16 days ago
1 star

The chemist

Bland, mild smelling musty og garbage. Hardly any noticable high for an $83 1/8 on sale. đź’° Down the đźš˝. Very slick packaging and hype connected, that's the first and last time I buy from you. The live resin disposable version from connected is very good, with the strong sweet sage flavor and fast head high. What happened? Their flower really sucks!
9 months ago
5 stars

Holy smokes!!

Oh man... what’s to say about this other than fire as f 🔥 you open the jar your neighbors can hear how loud it is. Perfect cure, all white ash, biggest resin drip I’ve seen on a joint I’ve rolled at home. Earthy, sweet, dank and smells like a straight flower shop on the exhale. It’s not extremely strong imo it’s not gonna knock you on your butt if your an experienced smoker, but my eyes are low and I’m feeling really really good. Overall it’s an amazing experience. Definitely recommend.
8 months ago
5 stars

Super fire 9.8 out of a solid 10

Very nice cure, the ashes were almost pure white all the way through, best ive ever seen after 20 year's of smoking fire weed, smooth biscotti smoke with a hint of Chem, clear headed hie with focus and Euphoria, definitely one of the best out there, keep it up connected.
8 months ago
5 stars

Impresive comeback

I was starting to think connected forgot how to grow good weed. This strain had it all, great taste and a very potent high.
3 months ago
4 stars

A one time purchase

The weed was absolutely fire, good taste, good high. For a price of $75 an 8th probably won't purchase this item again. For me, stiiizy 8ths seem just as good as connected 8ths but they are only $50. My favorite stiiizy 8th has to be rosay at the moment I would purchase that again over the connected. However nonetheless, a great one time experience. In sum, fire weed however there is other equally fire weed out there for a cheaper price if you ask me.
8 months ago
1 star


This strain burns your nose on exhale, definitely my least fave connected strain and I've smoked most of them, for product this harsh the price is way too high.
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