Sensi Gummies Bedtime Blueberry - with Melatonin

Product description

- 100mg THC, 10-10mg doses

- 4mg Melatonin per dose to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

- 100% Vegan, Gluten Free

- 30-70% Less sugar than other cannabis gummies

- Omega 3 enhanced for 2x the cannabis experience

- Won’t melt

- Full spectrum solventless CO2 hybrid extract

- For those with moderate to severe insomnia

- All natural ingredients

- 2x Award winning gummies

Meet the healthiest gummy on the market today, Sensi Gummies! If you’re looking for great taste, plant-based and less sugar, and a great cannabis experience, Sensi Gummies is for you! Infused with nutrient-rich Omega 3 from algae for brain, heart, joint, and eye health. Research shows that Omega 3 molecules bond with cannabis to help process and absorb cannabis more completely and keep our endocannabinoid system in balance. Sensi Gummies have a special low-sugar formula that reduces unnecessary sugars, 100% Vegan, and all- natural ingredients. It also contains full spectrum CO2 solventless extract for the best effects and a clean high. Unlike other edibles that use distillate which strips away most minor cannabinoids and terpenes, full spectrum extract is closest to the original plant, so all the cannabinoids go to work to help relax muscles and stress, reduce inflammation, and enhance the overall experience. And Sensi Gummies don’t melt like other gummies. Sensi Gummies Bedtime Blueberry contains a minimal dose of Melatonin, just enough to help the sleep process and let the body know it’s time for sleep! Enjoy Sensi Gummies Bedtime Blueberry for the most amazing sleep! 

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1 review

6 months ago
5 stars

Great Product

I've been taking Sensi Chew Insomnia with THC for years now and saw these gummies and just had to try them! Love them just as much as the chocolates! Now I have to make a choice every night between blueberry gummies and chocolate! I take about 40 minutes before bed and sleep through the night
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