Harvest of Havasu (Formerly High Desert Healing)

4.6 stars by 232 reviews
dispensaryLake Havasu City, Arizonamedical
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4.6 stars


This place has been my favorite place to go to for a long while! All the staff are super friendly and always eager to help any one in need, even if you're just looking for CBD. The managers are always sure to make things right by you to the best of their ability. Their selection is through the roof and they always have good suggestions if they do not have what I am looking for. I have never been disappointed. MUST VISIT!

Fine if you have all day to wait

Id give this place zero stars if i could. Ive experienced discrimination and hour long wait times all while several staff are just standing around doing nothing. You guys suck!

Great Selection, Bad customer service

This place has it all and then some! Customer service could use some work, a lot of unhappy faces and eager to push people in and out.

Amazing just as Holly stated

It was an amazing experience. My budtender Rena was very knowledgeable. The atomsphere was fantastic . As a first-time patient, I don't know why I waited so long. Thank you to everyone.

so amazing

So helpful

Budtender Marina

I have been going to your store for awhile now and I must say all your employees are top shelf. I was just in on 6/20 and your budtender Marina( I hope I spelled it right ) was like a breath of fresh air. Excellent people skills, very knowledgeable and great personality. That;s why I keep coming back. Excellent experience time and time again.


Crappy prices and crappy service. I felt very uncomfortable. Will not be going back.


was really excited to check you guys out, but they don't except CA state medical cards. just wish it was stated on Weedmaps info so I didn't drive down here. thanks though
Harvest of Havasu (Formerly High Desert Healing)
Lake Havasu / Parker
Hashleyharten - unfortunately, no Arizona dispensary can legally take out of state medical cards. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are a part time resident of Arizona, we can help point you in the right direction to acquire your AZ MMJ license.
Official Response

high desert healing

excellent service all the time and in n not quick every time

Great time

Kiki is awesome. Very knowledgeable and great people skills. Can't wait to go back.


I’m disappointed. I was told you’d have good deals and prices plus I wouldn’t have to drive to another state to get my meds. I’ve been in once as a new patient and still had to spend $200 for very little. I’m better off driving to another state unfortunately. Is this even medical marijuana? It’s not any better than recreational. Your prices are just ridiculous. You’re not helping people, you’re taking advantage of them and I’m disgusted.
Harvest of Havasu (Formerly High Desert Healing)
Lake Havasu / Parker
StoneRChic6925 - We run deals that change weekly and monthly, but also have affordable pricing on a variety of every day options. For your first time in we offer to match your flower purchase up to 7g of flower or 1g of wax (or BOGO on anything else in the store that's not already on sale). Plus if you come in on a Monday, it's 3x the BOGO! Woo, what a good deal! Our prices on flower and wax are more affordable on average than any of the recreational shops you've reviewed in CA or NV. We currently have ounces that range from $127.99 on up to $279.99. We also have 5g slabs of wax that average under $20/g. We have 100mg brownies for $8 and three (3) one gram prerolls for $10. Those are just every day pricing. Right now we have ounces on special for $59.99 and starting tomorrow (5/29) through 6/1 we'll have select top shelf 1/8ths (reg $49.99) on sale for half off $24.99. If you ever feel like stopping back in, I'd be happy to go through any and all sales, products, pricing and selection to ensure you find the best products for your needs. Sincerely, Jack GM - Harvest of Havasu
Official Response

I love this place.

Super friendly and helpful . Really good weed

glad to be home

ive been back east for the last 5 weeks and all ive got to say is thank you harvest I am so glad to be home.

Ben’s the man

I had a wonderful experience today because Ben knows his products. Thank you Ben!!!

change back

better deals and products before name change marijuana should be a business of helping people not big companies to make money off people. ps. more knowledgeable staff on products would be nice had to look on weed maps to see if my medication being sold was sativa or indica because the bud tender only knew it was "Fire".

changes aren't always bad,

I don't care for the price changes in the last few months. they got some pretty good buds. all the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. and they do offer a variety of CBD treats for people and animals. although there parking does kind of suck not their fault

Waste of time.

Told me I could have a deal, had me sign this paper saying I get this deal. Did lot of shopping just to be told no after picking out everything I wanted.. Than tried selling me other stuff. Management was rude. Staff was okay. Wont be going here again

not bad

I have been getting my meds here for about a year now. And the staff have always been great. Now the meds have been consistently the same. I would give them a four outta five star rating for that as well. Butt I did grow up in SOCAL


pre packaged flower that is not even med. barely passes for rec. Last time I went I bought 8th of top and found 6 seeds in one nug. Never going back

Pre package and price increase

Disappointed in harvest!! Pre package weed now?! Prices are being raised continuously? It’s about that time to take my money down the way...#disappointed