Mag Landrace


verano™ Mag Landrace is a cannabis connoisseur's choice. This exquisite cultivar is a 100% pure Iranian landrace that delivers a bouquet of uplifting herbal spices and sweetness that delight every sense. The strain conveys a potent euphoria and sedative elation that sit just behind your chest to warm every last inch of your body. Verano Mag Landrace is a phenomenal experience from start to finish.

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    4.4 stars

    Mag Land Racer Go!

    High THC with a powerful "focus puller rush", where the world pulls in and out (you've seen this in movies) as the bong hit kicks in. Smooth, no cough (for me), no harsh or burning aftertaste. All around very nice, just with it was available in larger amounts at lower prices. For now, If you like breezy, powerful Indica - try a gram, it doesn't disappoint.

    Wow! Nice!

    GLeaf delivery was having a special.. buy $300 worth of medicine, get a free 1/8 so I chose Mag Landrace as my freebie. What can I say but OUTSTANDING! Love the smell and the buzz came on strong from the outset. Will definitely be getting more of this in the future. Great bud, Verano!

    Hands down favorite

    As someone with chronic insomnia and ADD, sleep isn't something I get enough of. Mag landrace was suggested by my local dispensary and I have to say I slept. I slept all night. I woke up and felt rested, which is a rarity for me. Verano seals the deal and eye lids on this one.

    Mag Landrace

    Wonderful aroma! Nice, mellow creeper! relaxing,meditative, chill pill!

    Gorgeous dark purple frosted bugs

    Top three favorite strains for far

    Mag Landrace by Verano 01/29/19

    Really nice 3 Buds that were trimmed to perfection and looked just like the photo of the bud on their page. I have to say that the Buds were curred just right and the aroma of the flower is so earthly and the taste is very smooth with a great punch to this Indica strain that when you are done medicating with this strain you will be uplifted, a lot less pain , very relaxed with a smile you can not take off your face, so of course it is good for depression, stay focused, and you will get an appetite. This will leave you feeling really relaxed that you end up getting a goodnight sleep too.


    Although this is a indica strain it gives me an up lifting phase, however shortly after it does give that calming relaxing effect that in indica would normally give. So for me it’s a excellent strain that gives a double effect

    beautiful sleep

    big beautiful nugs, very tasty and relaxing. spicyish, herbal and great people hue. great for after the gym.

    Insomniac love

    My zzzquil. Wish you would hardpack grams so the dispensaries wouldnt pancake the beautiful nuggies

    Smooth as.....

    Fruit flavored butter . I am loving these verano strains. A bit dry is my only complaint. Sweet smooth beautiful smoke. Feeling Pain free.

    sleep like a king

    for the first time in a long time I was able to Fall Asleep thanks to this strain here it truly relaxed every muscle in my body and relaxed


    Beautiful to look at, has deep aromatics and a wonderfully unique, almost spicy nutmeg hint to it. One of the most unique buds I’ve ever seen and smoked.A+

    One of my all time favorites!

    This flower is beautiful all the way around. Looks, smell, taste, effects. Verano knows how to grow some A+ plants

    Awesome strain but seed prone

    Verano does an awesome job with this strain but the genetics seem prone to produce those ghost seeds. You might find no seeds in an 8th and then you buy a gram and get 10 seeds in one bud. Gotta figure this out its too good of smoke to let this happen, especially people dropping 60-65 a slice, at that price it should be a quality control guaruntee. No patient should have to play the lottery with their medicine

    Mag Landrace an Bruce Banner3 seeds 😡😡

    Now this is suppose to tip top shelf an the Bruce banner 3 smelled good wasn't harsh n a very up high. Mag landrace💩💩💩found 3 immature seeds an one broke up in grinder so I didn't notice but I know that nasty seed tastes😝 Point is don't believe the Hype Prices Way To High For Smoke with seeds... No street smoke around has seeds but Verano does😡😡

    An Indica for the Connoisseur

    I grabbed an eighth of this a while back as a suggested alternative to Northern Lights which had been out of stock at the time and was so glad I had. It looks incredible- dense, multi-colored buds that were covered in trichomes, with a strong pungent aroma of pepper and exotic spices. Smoked smooth, but hit like a truck so take it easy if you have a low tolerance. Couldn't be happier with this strain.


    Inconsistent product but always looks really good just some batches don’t do anything and are flavorless for top shelf prices

    One of the best indica strains I’ve had

    Just picked up an 1/8 of Mag Landrace on 10-9-18. This batch came in at 23% THC, ~2% terpenes. Smell is sweet and earthy. There were NO seeds in my batch. Nugs looked amazing with lots of purple and trichomes. Very smooth hits and strong indica couch-lock high. Good pain relief throughout the body. Overall I would definitely recommend this strain. Don’t let the other bad reviews deceive you...


    I was impressed the first time purchasing an 1/8 of Mag..great purple hues and was perfect for relaxing after a long day. The second time picking up the strain, I was quite surprise at the seeds or seed shells that I found. THC content also seemed significantly lower..verano products are some of the most expensive products on menus, yet the quality is diminishing and isn’t reflecting their prices.


    I am usually a huge proponent of landrace genetics, however, as the term seems to be merely a marketing tool here and even the terps/cannabinoid profile has little to no resembelemce to most landrace strains from the area; I disregard it in the case of this product, for the most part. What you will find here is an Indica of moderate potency with very nice looking and smelling flower with heavy overtones of Purple coloration. Actual THC content tends to rank between roughly 17 and 20.5%; with very little CBG/CBGa (usually >0.2; <0.7%, and roughly 0.9% terps. I've found a significant number of seeds in with the flower. All marketing; no delivery. In my opinion this is the least of Verano's Indicas by far with regard both to effect, and to average flower quality.
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