Jack Herer #8


Verano's cannaseurs alighted upon an exquisite cut of Jack Herer #8 and grew it into the arrestingly delicious nugs pictured here. Verano's Jack Herer #8 boasts potent Sativa genetics that engages and elevates users, encouraging them to pursue creative adventures or social engagements. Two bowls of Jack Herer #8, however, may have users trekking to their refrigerators, ravenous with the munchies. For discerning palates in search of the be-all, end-all of head-high Sativas, Verano Jack Herer #8 is the golden ticket.

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4.9 stars

Premo Smoke

Large buds, smells amazing pungent citrus piney and taste like a grapefruit explosion. Highly recommend, in my top ten strains of 30yrs smoking. Worth the price!

Classic Jack

Veranos jack is that classic straight up jack herrer. Will lift you up and can also put you to sleep if you smoke a lot. Great medicine for getting thru the day


Very smooth! Very uplifting!

Jack Herer #8

Verano's cut of Jack Herer is a very smooth but heavy hitting flower with a hint of citrus on the exhale. The buds were covered in gland and looked like typical sativa flowers. The effect was very cerebral and allowed clarity and focus throughout the day. I highly recommend this strain for pain relief, anxiety, creativity. Jack Herer #8 is definitely a motivational fully functional great strain for anytime ,day or night. I highly recommend this strain.

Gorgeous, tasty and effective

I bought 1/8 sight unseen on reputation alone and my previous positive experiences with Verano. When I opened it at home I was tickled to find that it was one intact bud! Holy hell, how cool is that?! A sign of a good grow and trimmers smart enough to know what they have. Rare, rare combination. I visited 5 dispensaries in CO recently and not one had a nug this nice. So pleased I can get such high quality local to me. So yeah, the bud I received is tight and highly frosty. Light green with red 'hairs.' Pretty. Smells diesel-like to me. Strong- makes you open your eyes wide and say "damn!" Tastes good. Hard to put my finger on any one flavor- nothing super special in that regard. Enjoyable though- nothing off. Strong medicine. Very quick and clean high. Super enjoyable. Will keep in the rotation for sure. Well done Verano, 2/2 on my purchases from you.

Jack Herer #8

Extremely nice buds and the smooth taste that you get from it inhaling it and when you exhale I got this amazing taste like a citrus kind of taste and i loved the way it kept me focused and uplifting until the early afternoon and I also did not feel as much pain as I usually do in the morning hours. of the day and lunch time i ate a bit to much so I have to watch that but I love the way it made me feel like and will be a definite yes I will try again.


My favorite Sativa strain. Allows me to focus with a smile on my face.

Loved this Sativa-like Jack pheno!

Jack Herer is notoriously difficult to grow well. It also has four main phenotypes, one of them even looks like an Indica. It’s this wide ranging inconsistency in the end result that unfortunately causes “Jack Herer” to be an incredibly underrated strain imo. If anything, it’s become a victim of its own popularity, and the market has become flooded with less than stellar examples. Everyone has their valid opinion, but I absolutely loved this Jack. I think Verano did a fantastic job, and I applaud the courage of going with a more difficult Sativa-like pheno. Despite being considered a Sativa due to its effects, Jack is technically closer to a hybrid. This one definitely expresses traits from both, but clearly favors an energetic/uplifting experience more indicative of its Haze side. The appearance is also more Haze than some Jacks, being leafy and a bit looser. However, they are still dense and very sticky. Wears off nice, tastes and smells like Jack should. 5 Stars!!!

Best JH - Just Not a Good Strain

Best Jack Herer I've had, grown well, looks nice, incredible lemon zest type smell. The issue is, it's just not a good strain. doesn't last nearly long enough, not dense so not a lot of useable yield, and doesn't even get you high enough without facing an entire bowl. Just weak sauce for any experienced user. Beyond the namesake, don't see the appeal. My personal preference would be to focus on stronger sativas.

06-19-18 Jack Herer #8

I am very happy with this Sativa and I can say it's definitely great to use on them mornings when you are feeling like not doing nothing at all and you wish you could just go back to sleep and not be bothered. It keeps a smile on your face and by lunch time you are definitely hungry and I will be back for some more of this amazing strain of medical cannabis and I have to give it to your lead grower in M. D. . Great work!
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