Ghost Train Haze


Verano's canna-scientists are proud to offer their delightful take on the phenomenal crossing of Ghost OG x Neville's Wreck: Ghost Train Haze. This exquisite Sativa-leaning THC colossus tastes of sweet lemonade garnished with freshly plucked pine boughs. Verano Ghost Train Haze delivers a focused and energetic uplift that spurs creativity and encourages laughter. Need a ticket to nirvana? Verano Ghost Train Haze is currently boarding.

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4.7 stars


Strongest ever

Holy yes!!

Awesome citrusy lemonesque flavor, super sticky buds, and very nice packaging-3.5g in a glass jar classy.

love it!!!

I love the Ghost Train Haze in shatter. Please send some to Route 66 in Tulsa! Thank you!

best one yet

my favorite strain so far

Can be really good

Ive seen this stuff fresh and 26% thc and it will turn you into casper if your not careful but ive also seen grams that were lower cannabinod profile and seems dried and harsher on the lungs and not worth that price. Try to stay with newer batches and away from grams in flat foils packs that have been rubber banded together for long period.

In the Running for an Ideal Sativa

This has always been one of my favorite sativa strains. At a Los Angeles dispensary, I've acquired the same strain with slightly higher THC levels. Verano has made this strain pretty regularly available now; and when it's good, it's very good. Cannabinoid [from about 17.5% THC to 25+] and terpene [I've seen as low as just under 1%; as high as about 4.1; but the profile is fairly consistent and taste and smell are excellent; limonene and caryophyllene dominant tropical flavor.

Was expecting more. But not bad.

Got an 1/8 on 10-6-18. Pretty low terp count at .8%. It looks really pretty, buds were small, yet uniform. The taste and smell were rather milquetoast. Still smooth though. The buzz was cerebral but with couchy after effect. Not a $55 dollar bag in my opinion. But hey maybe next batch?

Ghost Train Haze - euphoric and uplifting

Just picked up an 1/8 of Verano’s Ghost Train Haze on 10-3-18. Definitely one of the best sativa strains I’ve had from Verano. It’s got a sweet, pine smell. It made me very euphoric, uplifting, and creative. I’d easily pick GTH over jack herer #8. If you ever find GTH in stock, grab it while you can because it’s VERY limited!

08/23/18 Ghost train haze flower

Very nice buds and they were pretty well trimmed up too. I am very happy with the uplifting and I can't get the smile off my face. I medicated with 3 bong hits of it and I sat back for a second and said to myself. I love the smooth taste and how I was able to stay focus doing things why I was medicated and the energy it held me for a good bit and then I was even a bit hungry, so I will have to say that this is a good strain to medicate with during the day and you will be able to stay focus through the day and not get tired when it wears off. I will be getting this strain again and Verano keep up the amazing medical cannabis products that you have and a 👍 up to your lead grower.

ghost train

not as good as I was expecting however exceptional flowers.especially for those sativa lovers. idk whats up with verano.still my daily brand.but terps are falling off hard across the board.. they produce oil so this might be grown with flower and oil in mind since the grow styles are a little different when growing for oil production. you'd get 5 stars from me on this one if it was as funky as GTH from out west ive had before,still would buy again..and i know the strain can be tricky to get decent yeids depending on the breeder you guys use and given its finicky feeding habits, so still solid 4 stars.more terps and im good to go.


Such a good flower, nice taste and feel. I’ve been waiting for this flower to come around. Now we wait for GTH by Verano to come in concentrate form.

Perfect Timing

Picked this up on the 4th, what a perfect fit. Great balance with the Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck which led to relaxation, serenity and also incredible creativity and ability to focus. No anxiety experienced, which is a rare thing for sativas for me personally. This is a great strain.
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