AiroPro - Berry Gelato - Indica - .5g


AiroPro Strain Series .5g Cartridge

•  Indica

•  Berry Gelato

•  Pure Distillate Oil

•  Full Terpene Profile

•  High Potency


The AiroPro cartridge is more than a stylish magnet, it’s the first vessel of its kind. The secured mouthpiece and filling septum minimize the possibility of leakage, something which has been a common issue among older model vaporizers. Considering that risk of accidental exposure, to children or pets for example, the AiroPro cartridge was built for safety as well as durability.

Free from a traditional wick and coil setup, AiroPro cartridges adopted ceramic reactor technology to serve as the heating element. Unmatched thermal precision ensures concentrates are always vaporized at the proper temperature. This preserves the flavor of concentrates and prevents them from burning. The silver-plated magnetic base makes exchanging cartridges a snap, while ensuring a solid connection every time.


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4.5 stars

Very Tasty...Smooth flavorful Tokes

Full Disclosure-I usually stay away from carts that you have to get a special battery for because most of the time I find them gimmicky...With That said-This product is legit...I love the full terpene profiles-these are distillates, but most are just as terpy as C02 ☺️ This strain in particular is really nice...It’s an Indica, but nice and heady and relaxing...And the flavor is so fresh...Like this one isn’t even a “flavored” cart but it still has a sweet berry Aura, very subtle...Absolutely love AiroPro!!!

Nothing like it

Better then every other cart on the market

Very Tasty nice Terp profile

This strain is super tasty can def taste the berry and the buds, nice vape. get some more strains to market in MD

just like taking a dab

strong hit very flavorful High terpenes

Burns too fast. Oil is different color each time

No consistency. Sometimes the oil is near clear, others it is Amber brown. Strain has potential. The company just needs to stop cutting corners. P

Berry Good

Vape that actually makes you cough while tasting delicious.
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