Herbal Choices - Bandon

4.5 stars by 14 reviews
dispensaryBandon, Oregonrecreational
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4.5 stars

Great customer service!

Herbal Choices Bandon has a kind and knowledgeable staff who always take the time to assure customer satisfaction. If your in the area I highly recommend this high quality dispensary. You will not be disappointed.

My favorite dispensary on the coast!

I am from Nevada and I was shocked when I walked into Herbal Choices in Bandon as it was my first Oregon dispensary I visited. Much more welcoming than anything in NV. The store was clean and the budtenders were very helpful on explaining all the different products. Prices are the best I have found (60%-75% cheaper than anywhere in NV) and after stopping by a couple other dispensaries in Coos Bay it seems they have the most competitive pricing here as well. Herbal Choices set the bar that I measured the others against. Highly recommend visiting them if you are in the area!


love these places all 3 are on it

The best dispensary in coos county.

Herbal choices has been my favorite dispensary in coos county. They have the largest selection of high quality and some of the best dabs at reasonable prices. Only company I will be visiting.

They got the Fire

Came in with my friend while visitn my Gma they hooked me up with Dr jollyz Dabs straight FIRE these people R Gr8


Coming from Southern California I know what good flower is. This dispensary is the best that I found ranging from Southern California all the way to Astoria. They have the lowest prices and the best bud tenders I have ever encountered.They were so helpful and helped me pick my perfect medicine. I would give them five stars time and time again.

Herbal Choices is on point definitely recommend

Everything about Herbal Choices is on point from Top Notch Buds and Extracts to Good Easy to find, Prices, Readable Labeling, Easy Going CoWorkers, and Regulations. I would recommend Herbal Choices over anywhere else in the area personally. Check out the killer Jim Belushi and FnJ Farms exclusives along with OCA, Grown Rogue, Pruf Cultivar fire buds

Rip Off

My wife and I decided to stop in here on a Saturday morning when we'd driven to Bandon on a whim, instead of our normal weekend trip to North Bend. Having been bombarded with constant radio ads for Herbal Choices - all about how they have the best selection and best prices in all of the Southern Oregon Coast - we decided to give them a try and see if they lived up to the hype. If you want to skip to the end, the short of it is that no - they do not live up to the hype. They fall so short of the hype as to cross into the realm of hyperbole. For those of you interested in the full story - here it is. Upon approaching the storefront of Herbal Choices, the first thing that I noticed was that there was no signage whatsoever to indicate that I was about to enter a cannabis dispensary. There were no signs prohibiting me from consuming cannabis on the premises, nothing telling me that the products inside were for adult use only, not even a sign telling me to have my photo ID ready. This last thing, it transpired, was a warning of what was to come. Slightly concerned by the obvious lack of signage and any sign of security to check my ID - like every other dispensary has had... pretty sure there's a regulation about it or something - I turned the handle on the blank, industrial metal door and stepped into a small, clinically over-lighted, slightly sanitized-feeling room with jars of flower in one corner and spoons, bongs, and extracts in glass cases scattered about the corners. Still, there was no sign of anyone being interested in my age and no inquiry about seeing my license. Maybe the employees behind the counter could tell I wouldn't be staying long. The product itself was almost as well advertised as the rest of the signage in the building - which is to say, there wasn't any information displayed about any of the product, aside from the occasional price tag. After clearing up some confusion with one employee who seemed very interested in selling me a grinder - maybe they make commission on accessories? - I finally managed to get her attention turned to their flower menu. The menu itself was posted above the jars, in print so small as to be difficult to read, on big TV screens, with the strain name, the price points per gram/eighth/quarter, and whether the strain is a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid - and, I think, the THC percentage. Here's where things really went sideways for Herbal Choices. After asking to see their Blue Dragon - a strain my wife was very fond of in the past - we were told that it was one of their "Okest" strains (out of a list of strains that ranged from "OKer" to "OKest", with prices to match) and that since it was on sale that day, we could get it for the low price of $72.50 for a quarter ounce. First, that's not the price listed here on WeedMaps, and second - why would I pay that much for your OKest flower? Someone should tell Jim Belushi that his chosen dispensary isn't doing him any favors.
Herbal Choices - Bandon
Coos Bay
First off I would like to apologize for your experience, That being said all proper signage is posted to the right of the door as you enter the building, (same place it was when the OLCC approved the license). If there was a problem with pricing again I apologize (mistakes do happen) although our menu is directly embedded to Weedmaps. I will look into this to ensure it is correct. As for the layout of the store everyone has their own preference and this is the only time a customer did not like it. I hope i have addressed all the issues and wish you a great day. If you would like to discuss this further please call the General manager at 541-808-1481 Thank you
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This shop is awesome. The staff is amazing. I love their deals. I highly recommend this store.

Best dispensary

Best variety best prices 3 convenient locations and friendly staff

Non compliant labeling

Nice clean dispensary. Although I noticed was that they are missing important batch number for the flower items on individual flower items. When I brought it up to an employee. She said "it wasn't required to have the batch # on the packaging". The font was also incredibly small to read and not professionally affixed. This packaging is against Olcc compliance standards. A dispensary is responsible for complying with OAR 845-025-7000 to 845-025-7190. If there was a recall on a specific batch there would be no way to trace the product I purchased to that batch number. Henceforth I do not know or any consumer does not know if they're actually getting a product in which they are selling to them. I don't recommend going there due to this as a consumer unknowingly purchasing a strain that I'm not sure if it's actually in the system or if I'm actually purchasing the strain they are trying to sell me. To all other consumers be aware and be educated on how this might affect you.
Herbal Choices - Bandon
Coos Bay
Hello, If you could please contact the Manager at 5418081481 it would be greatly appreciated. I am currently checking ALL product labels to ensure compliance although I have yet to find any issues. We apologize for your experience as Herbal Choices prides it self on our professionalism.
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Excellence. Products & Prices

Find your new favorite part of this wonderful town. Treat yourself to a new store that's done very well every visit. oz deals=superb dabs=delicious prerolls and equipment=great prices & quality.

I'll be back.

First time in. Budtender was knowledgeable and they had my favorite bud!!!


First time in Oregon, 1st shop I stopped at after seeing lots of others. I was NOT disappointed! They even had some of my personal favorites. Can’t wait to come back. One Love Herbal Choices Bandon !!