Cowboy Kush Vape Cartridge


Cowboy Kush (Indica) is a Releaf Labs proprietary medical cannabis strain. Hang to your hats and be ready to ride with this Oklahoma strain. May be used for anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and sleep deprivation.

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4.2 stars


Relaxing sensation. Great full body experience!

Best Cartridge

I liked this cartridge more than any other I've tried. Taste, hit, effect, all top shelf.

Great experience

Just picked up this week and it’s been terrific! Both times I’ve used Releaf products I’ve been very pleased

Fantastic Product.

I see a lot of people writing negative reviews on releaf carts malfunctioning. I can guarantee you the small amount of orders with faulty carts ARE NOT a direct result of Releaf nor it’s employees. As anyone with half a brain could assume, very few companies (if any at all) manufacture/build they’re own carts from a manufacturing facility wholly owned by that company. I would like people to use their brains a little bit more before writing negative reviews against hard working companies with hard working employees. If you want to put a true value on a company and get a legitimate understanding of how they operate (consumer facing) pick up a phone and call customer service, or send an email with your concerns and let the company do its job and provide a solution to your issue, providing insight into why something happened. Which Releaf will. Trust me, others won’t and that’s how you weed out (pun intended) good companies. Quit writing crap cause you don’t have anything better to say. XO

Great Great Great!!

Great product, I’m absolutely pleased. Thanks ReLeaf.


I could get way better ones for a lower price

Please fix

Please fix your cartridges. What's in them is great, but they did not fit in my batteries because they are thicker than other cartridges. I had to use a pen style battery whuch I did not prefer. Please make the same diameret as all the others.

Whats up?

The cowboy kush pre roll is awesome but i didn't even get a head change off the cowboy k cartridge i totally wasted 63 bucks and i cant afford to be doing that. I got it because of all the great reviews but mine was not so and it tast horrible. I still have it and its half full dont wanna throw it away cause what i paid for it but its really no good guessing its just a bad cartridge some how? Not sure but it still sucks cause im out of meds till payday.
Releaf Labs
If you will shoot an email over to info(at) including this information, where you purchased from and what date we can investigate further for you.
Official Response

Cowboy Kush Cart Rocks!

Releaf’s Cowboy Kush preroll was dynamite and their 1/2 gram disposable is of the same pedigree. High THC and smooth as silk with natural Cannabis terpenes. Absolutely loved it. Sleek & Discrete.
Releaf Labs
We love hearing that! It typically gets great reviews and one of our favorite strains. Thank you for the review!
Official Response

best 1 gram cart i have bought so far!!!! (●) (●).

i have had my relief labs "Cowboy kush" vape pen for 2 weeks now! got it at green roots wellness in okc 55 out the door, still have about a 1/8 of it left, i have tried multiple other brands other than relief labds and the dont even compare to the otheres i would highly recommend trying one of these pens for sure! my next purchace will be the "SOONER GLUE" "bubblegumOG" maybe even a pre roll i was so impressed with the cowboy kush cart
Releaf Labs
Woohoo! We're glad it was a hit for you. Looking forward to hearing how the others will rank for you. Thanks for the review!
Official Response
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