Have a Heart Belltown

4.2 stars by 47 reviews
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4.2 stars

L.A. visitor

Staying in Belltown and was recommended to Have a Heart. Wonderful product. I'm used to Los Angeles and have to admit the product and service here were far superior.


You know
Have a Heart Belltown
Our customers will find great vibes and fabulous customer service whenever they stop by Have a Heart Belltown!
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Krazy Kush

Great service everyone super knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. Won’t be my last time there!
Have a Heart Belltown
Our exceptional Budtenders at Have a Heart Belltown are always on hand to help our customers find the right product for them. We enjoy providing our customers with nothing but the best!
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Great selection and friendly people!

This place has an amazing selection with great staff that are very helpful. Found something to fit the needs of every person in our party. I will definitely be back.
Have a Heart Belltown
One size does not fit all and the staff at Have a Heart Belltown understand that. Whether it is an individual shopping or a group, our amazing Budtenders are here to find exactly what suits our customers' needs!
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Wonderful experience extremely helpful!

Everyone was so nice and made sure we knew what we were doing.

From Cali

From Cali and was not disappointed. Busy like any other city store front but has great selection. Staff was great. I'm going to stop there again before we leave. Got the Mob Wife, it was Fire!
Have a Heart Belltown
From our product selection to our exceptional staff, Have a Heart Belltown aims to provide nothing but the best! We hope our customers enjoy themselves whenever they have a chance to drop in.
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I really like this place since I moved to Seattle

Friendly service

Didn’t know what I wanted, and they were very helpful.

Has No Heart

The company is a total scam full of sellouts. Go to Uncle Ike's instead.

Coming from another Rec-legal state...

Fellow industry worker coming in from Nevada, loved the vibe. Shoutout to Dan for suggesting Cold Smoke carts, love my orange sherbert. Prices compared to Las Vegas are excellent in both flower and concentrate. Every customer I helped from Seattle (back in my dispensary) suggested this place to me and i was not steered wrong. The wait time wasnt long at all, about 2pm when i came in, about 15 minutes altogether but a lot of my time was exploring selections.

Large selection, not the greatest staff

large selection but a bit more expensive than other places. All staff we interacted with were rude and on a power trip. will not return.

The decline of customer service

I have been a fan of Have a Heart for several years and a frequent customer. The service and selection have always been great, even if the line wait times for both preorder and in-store have been increasing to as long as an hour. Last Sunday I purchased 2 cartridges at the store from a reputable brand that I’ve purchased many times before. I tried the first cartridge and it didn’t work. I’ve never had this happen before. I opened the second cartridge and it worked without issue. The next day I took the non-working cartridge back for an exchange. The clerk tested and determined the cartridge was defective and returned the unit. He then promptly turned around and tried to charge me more for the exchange and blamed the issue on the POS. I refused to pay additional for an exchange and he figured out how to make it work. Fast forward a few more days and I am out of town and went to use the exchanged cartridge. The new exchanged cartridge is also defective. Since I am out of town and there is a 7 day return policy, I calculate I will be on my 7th day when I return. As soon as I am back in town, I return to the store to exchange the second defective cartridge. The second cartridge was tested and determined to also be defective, but the clerk would no longer exchange the defective product. The reason he said is because the 7 days has passed. The reason the 7 days has passed is that my arrival back at the store was 1.5hrs past the time stamp of the previous defective cartridge exchange. The clerk was rude and became defensive when pressed on the rules by stating that its Cannabis and I am lucky there is any exchange policy at all. I explained how this is awful customer service and the small placard sitting next to each register and the fine print on the receipts do not have any such restrictions to the definition of 7 days and they still refused. I asked for the product back and walked out of the store. I looked up the Washington State law which has no restrictions on return duration. Later that evening I visited a new retailer and purchased a cartridge. Before purchasing I asked for an explanation of their defective cartridge exchange policy. Their policy is 14 days and there is no purchase time restriction in the day calculation. I have separately tried to contact Have a Heart by email and have not received a response. I would highly recommend taking your business elsewhere as the customer service values and policy controls do not align.


Visiting from Southern California with my girlfriend and was eager to stop by a shop in Seattle. This is the place we chose and it was a nice treat. The store in itself was well organized, clean, and there were many different options. The staff was great and knowledgeable. Tony helped check us out and he was very kind, gave us some ideas and places to visit while we’re here on vacation. Flower was good, thank you guys for a great experience!

Satisfied Customer

Had an issue with a product and the Manager called and provided excellent service.

Wack yoda

Flew in from Cali, came to the shop, very dope by the way.. Everything is pre packed so that sucks, picked out yoda og because out here it’s FIRE so I figured it’s the same but ITS NOT. They had it advertised as 22% but once I opened the jar I knew it wasn’t that. Smelled wack, and then the label said it’s thc was 16%!! Cmon, safe to say it’s just sitting there ...✌🏾

Your Dope store is dope

I love the product display and info!

Not patience with patients

Not patience with Patients!! ... my experience yesterday were not good at all. I was asking some questions about specifical cannabinoids combined with terpens (not IACM questions, just basic info) and no patient or formation on the issue. Patients need help and need assistance, because for us is really important. :(

Great Customer Service

Fairly long line, but it moved quickly. Stopped by for a distillate syringe, asked for the budtenders thoughts on their inventory. A+

The worst

Omg . A half an hour to get 2 fucking ore rolls.. ya see ya later

Great spot!

Went here on 8/10/18. Place was packed because it’s downtown, but the staff was patient, yet efficient. The selection was incredible, the prices were very reasonable for its location. Would definitely recommend this dispensary for anyone in the city of Seattle!