Harvest on Geary

3.5 stars by 128 reviews
dispensarySan Francisco, Californiamedical
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3.5 stars

(Some) staff actually do a great job

Normally I'd give harvest 3 stars and after being grossly misled today by one of the staff I would have given 1 star. But I give 4 stars after another staff member, Brandon corrected the mistake and gave great recommendations. I prefer to give 5 stars for how he handled the mistake but I dont want to give a misleading review for harvest as a whole.

My Experience

The kid at the front desk had an attitude problem and the cashier with the white hair was rude. The people on the floor look at you weird. Customer service is not a priority for some of them. Maybe it was personal or racial bias. They don't accept credit card due fed laws but other dispensaries downtown do with a workaround. If you did not bring that much cash they will charge your debit card a fee. I try to buy from local businesses but would rather use eaze than go back to this place.

Can’t smell your weed before you buy it ?

It’s a cute place that you can take a basket and walk around and pick stuff off shelves to look at it, but I absolutely hate that you cannot open a sample bottle and smell the product before you buy it. I didn’t get a friendly vibe from the staff and the amount of security guards is unnecessary and overwhelming. The only thing I really liked about the place was the weed that I bought was great, potent, and thank god..smelled good!


Dispensary, high price, racist and rude service. I asked only to exchange a pre roll sativa for indica after much being humiliated in front of all the manager decided to change. I do not advise

this is the spot

the lounge in the back is the best oart about this place...they also do events with customers every week

Medical evaluation

They didn’t take my medical evaluation done by weedrecs?

A must if you're visiting the city!

This place is fantastic, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. The prices are in the mid range, with premium service and storefront. The smoke lounge was my favorite out of the few we went to. Very large, plenty of seating, and everything you need to smoke flower.

Best Dispensary in SF

This place is great! Consistently have the best flower in town. Staff has always been extremely helpful! After making your purchase; head to lounge and taste your new bud. The staff will provide a clean bong filled with ice! If you prefer to smoke joints, they’ve got you covered with papers or a bowl, even a dad vaporizer! This now my go to store! Check it out! Jason

Cool way to shoo

Loved the ability to be able to peruse and pick up items and look at them at will great idea.


Nice stuff


$50 1/8 of some shitty flower that was supposed to be second best to the top shelf. Overall rude and unhelpful people. Will not be returning

What a mess

Total disaster of a dispensary, and has been since it opened. Showed a little promise at first with the farmers market etc when it was medical only. Now they can’t keep the shelves stocked, they have rude employees, horrible layout, and ridiculously overpriced product. I have stayed away and will continue to stay away. Don’t waste your time even for a gram.



My Go-to Shop

I visit this place at least 3-4 times per month. I like the knowledgable staff and the security is efficient, sharp and friendly. Everyone seems happy to see you there :-)

Be careful

Check your receipt and change, they ALWAYS try to screw you. It happened to me 3x (that I know of) They overcharge, scan items twice and change is always short. I m sure they think Stoners are easy pray and will rob you anytime they can.

My experience

After buying a pricey gram and an 1/8 both where miss in its weight and had stems. Don’t go this place is a joke.

Why so rude!

You walk in give ID again and person throws your ID in a basket (really throws it) and hands it to you . No words. Selection is not good. Left with nothing.

Never visit this place. Never.

Can I give fewer than 1 star? How about negative numbers? If you are a veteran, disabled and/or low-income, you must never, EVER come to this shop. They will treat you in a snotty, nasty, disdainful manner with NO effort to be understanding or compassionate in ANY WAY. You'd think that given the astronomical prices, they'd treat you like a human being. ZERO STARS.


From the original design, to the product made available to all guests on the retail shelves, to the beautiful flower selection, I have watched this store hit its stride. The prices are the same as all the other top dispensaries in the business. The difference is the service. This place has a wonderful team of professionals to guide you through the experience. Do yourself a favor, stop being bitter and enjoy the best retail experience in the industry.

Unhappy customer, never go here again

Honestly, I used to be a fan, partially because of vicinity, but also because I thought you had good product. But really? I need to hold a basket to go shopping, seriously?! No other shop in sf makes you do that, then I’m curious about three different strains, but I can’t smell them, so you expect me to buy a product without being able to test it, y’all crazy, no wonder your sales are down in comparison to other shops, y’all pretentious stuck up weed people. Seriously get your shit together before your blacklisted and replaced. Never had worse customer service in my life, and this is a weed store not a Rolex store.