Harvest of Longwood

3.0 stars by 5 reviews
dispensaryLongwood, Floridamedical
(321) 244-6035
Open Now 9:00am - 6:00pm

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3 stars

Great staff, small selection, cartridges broke

I only tried their vape cartridges, so that is what my review is about. I can't speak for the other products they have. And I have only been there one time. I thought their prices/sales/discounts were pretty good. The staff was very nice and helpful. Everyone made it a very comfortable experience. But.. They just didn't really have a big selection of vape cartridges. The ones that they did have, there's no real choice in strain, just flavor. So I couldn't really choose a vape product to specifically target my medical needs in the way I wanted to. It did relax me but did not really help me get to sleep. But not only that, the cartridges unfortunately stopped working. I tried different batteries and the carts still didn't work. I thought it might be my batteries but when I tried different carts, they worked just fine, and the carts I got from harvest were working great until, until they randomly quit working. 🤷 This surprised me as I thought the actual cartridge itself seemed good quality. Overall, I'm not sure I'll be going back here for cartridges until they get a larger selection.

Low quality Products

Their tanks don't work. waste of money and time.


I came here and the staff was knowledgeable about their products but they don't really have anything, even the lady that rang me out said their selection isn't too big. They seem to have more of a selection of dab rigs, vaporizers and things of that nature. I didn't really see anything too interesting but I took a chance and got a couple of cartridges. I got home and put it on my battery and it didn't work, I thought it was the battery so I changed it and it was a no go. I tried a different cartridge and same thing, it didn't work. All of the cartridge's I have are different flavor so my guess is that it only works with their batteries, I don't know. I was just in Orlando for the day and I wasted my money going here, all I got was dud cartridge's. The staff is the only reason I gave them 2 Stars.

Great tasting product

Had my 1st experience here today. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Will be a return customer.

Huckleberry cough Aka Huckleberry coughin

The overall service is amazing, the staff members are super nice and helpful, always knowledgeable about the products, some products are just not for me, but of course that is just my preference. My favorite products so far are Huckleberry Cough definitely gas and it runs at 25% THC and of course Wicked space was also amazing a lime green bud, smells so good, I would definitely say give them a try you would be surprised how great their flower is and the cost was amazin,. hope they keep it that way.