Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

Understanding industry obsessions with sleek design, discreet products and pure flavors, Higher Standards offers a Supreme Clean Kit. Designed with functionality and innovation, Higher Standards provides a one-stop-shop solution for today’s consumer with a range of premium goods and accessories tailored for the counterculture market in one kit. Showing a passion for functional glass and vaporizer care usually reserved for collector’s items, Higher Standards offers all the tools you’ll need to perfect your cleaning ritual. All included items have been designed and curated to keep devices in pristine condition. 1x ISO Pure,1x Salt Rox,12x Pipe Stix,12x Pipe Dreamz,1x Resin Rag, 2x Dot Wipes, 6x Tube Tops Supreme Clean Kit exclusive items - 1x Salt Schute,1x Stem Brush.

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