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4.8 stars

horrible deals

they have $18 eighths but they are usually just the CBD strains and not anything worth buying

Why no more 18$ 1/8ths?

Came here every Sunday for so long. Went yesterday and no more deal. I drove 45 minutes just for them to tell me no dice. Why?


if you like long waits for bad customer service....and bud that isn't strong then this is your spot...

Terrible experience and very expensive.

Stopped in here because I was in Fells for an errand. First—the angry security guard who treats everyone like they’re a criminal is very off-putting. Then, the entire staff seemed annoyed that I was there. The final straw for me was the menu where nearly all the flower was $50+.

Do better

Never enough staff to handle the Sunday/Monday sales. The lines are over an hour wait at this point. They run out of the product on sale regularly but don’t send text updates to let you know (but they do send the text every Saturday telling about the sale). They are already jacking up the prices for $18 sale days to $30 8ths only because they claim everyone is clamoring for 30% thc. The credit card machine is constantly broken, forcing you to use their ATM with a high fee. Anything outside of the $18 sale is over priced, and the sale is no longer worth wasting half of your day only to go back and find out they only have CBD strains left for the sale. Going to find a new local place

They never fail me always live in the place

They never fail me always live in the place

1/8th's were all short

went to greenlabs this evening and spent my last 100 dollars. Got all the way home and all 5 of my eighths are short. Whats going on,, is this legal? I this what we signed up for?

Naw. Best in what?

Went for the 1st tyme today. Got an eighth deal(cool) but the budtender rung up another product to my order that I didn't ask for. I didn't notice until rt after I left out the door, I immediately walked rt back through the front door to inform the staff, made it back to the budtender & basically her tone & demeanor was as if it twaz my fault she wasn't paying attention. They weren't going to refund me & take THEIR PRODUCT BACK but eventually did even with that the budtender still didn't give me the correct change, that's when I noticed I wasn't given a corrected receipt. 1st & last time going here for me. My regular dispensary have eighths for $25 everyday + excellent customer service. I'll pay that extra $7 for that attention to detail & customer service.

Sunday’s are BUSY...

There was a CRUSH of people at 10:30 yesterday but they handled everything smoothly. Maddie was my bud tender and she’s simply awesome. Of course, the medicine is on point. I’m medicating right now. 😁

candy land

love the product and service

deals run out quickly

great security and budtenders Deals run out very quickly so get there early. If you expect the deal to be there all day long you're just naive on how this all works.

Full of it

The only Time that it’s worth it to go to this place is when they have 18 eights on Sunday. Everything else on their menu is complete trash. This is an a dispensary that gives a shit about medicine or helping people they are purely out for profit. I don’t have to get a babysitter to go to CVS, Why should I have to get one to receive my medicine elsewhere ?!

sunday/monday $18 dollar eigths!!

thats why i go

Sunday Deal Day!!!

I am a loyal customer and that won’t change. Love all the bud tenders for their patients and welcoming nature... Shout out to Security.... U THE BEST🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep doing what y’all do!!! RESPECT ✊


Very nice clean n comfortable the assistant was every knowledgeable n helpful highly recommended

Bud lover

I’ve shopped the Sunday specials since the beginning. I’m sad to say the store can’t handle their sale. The last 5 weeks the wait was almost an hour. Today, after arriving less then 2 hours after opening they were sold out and offering a CBD rich strain as a replacement. GreenLabs, you know your clients, you know your volume, you can do better. Of late the buds have been premature and now not available. It won’t take long until it’s not worth the effort.



My favorite dispensary

Awesome sales everyday of the week, the security is on point, the staff is great and the customer service is unmatched


reading some of these negative reviews kinda make me wonder why people are becoming unhappy here?i would rate a 20 star on this place,if it were available?ive always bn fond of this place.i always travel to come here,i have never had any bad experiences here i just wish the menu could b posted on line,id have better idea and probably would purchase alot more if i could see menu before going.but however ,I truly love this place. young or old budtenders, seem to b very knowledgable, i hav found to always giggle as i atmosphere and helpful security guard's!even girls at front desk are cool,once the guard even helped me move my jeep . im definitely always going back! thank you greenlabs!!no pouty face from me!continue giving me ur service, thank you,see you all soon xoxo

Been a while

I never had a problem here but it’s been a while. I will see today