HYBRID ProTab (25mg THC each, 250mg THC total)


A classic high that amplifies your mind and body. 25 mg of THC, infused with terpenoids. Swallow orally with liquid. To start with 12.5 mg, split ProTab in half with fingers. 

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4.8 stars

Potent. Does the trick

My go-to cannabis soother and pain reliever. Tried Indica and am now going to try the hybrid. I use these primarily for pain, so I wish they would kick in faster. Like other reviewers say, it can take hours to work and then...OK! Not always useful when you're trying to follow a conversation. I really prefer a tablet over anything else. I don't know how you can make this work faster.


These little pills are awesome! Be careful because it takes hours for them to kick in, but when they do brace for impact! Definitely getting more!


The are amazing!! Didn’t feel a ton and then daaannngg.These tabs are so worth the money, excited to try the sativa ones to help my motivation. GET THISS

Legit easy to dose

I wasn’t sure about these at first. I been on a gummy binge so it was nice to try something different and i actually get more bang for my buck getting these tabs. Also no sugar. It does take a bit longer to kick in for me but last it longer. Gumies hit hard and faster but don’t last long. I also like that you can dose it out real nice and easy to split down middle. So if I want to stay feeling good and chill thru out day I can or take all abs get couch lock lol.
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