SATIVA ProTab (25mg THC each, 250mg THC total)


A cerebral high, designed to stimulate the mind. 25 mg of THC, infused with terpenoids. Swallow orally with liquid. To start with 12.5 mg, split ProTab in half with fingers. 

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4.8 stars

So good!

Not too strong and all day long! What more can you ask for? It’s the bomb.

At last!

I'd been wondering about THC tabs for decades. What would it be like? Now I know, and I can say it's great. One tablet gives me a good high for hours, two tablets is a trip. There's a nice arc to the high. The only way they could improve it is to lower the price or double the dosage.

Great Product!

These are the best pills I have tried. If 25mg is too much for you, they can easily be broken in half. I only wish they sold them in higher quantities and/or sold 50mg pills.

i love protabs

we need them in more dispensaries in the Sacramento area! best bang for your buck, they actually work, and they're calorie-free!

The Future of Edible Dosing!

I mean, it's no secret that Goldcaps have been on the market for a while, which essentially provides a similar product. And with a plethora of edible options available, a lot of new budding companies tend to get lost admist the waves of their competitors as well as all-time fan favorites that will hold their own territory leaving little room for people to even bother investing in a new product. As well as a growing number of people who are in need of an edible that is friendly to their dietary restrictions/needs. With that being said, this is in it's own ballpark. And now having tried Level's Protab Sativa, I am in puppy love with this company. The process in which they extract thc, CBD, thca, etc is a steam distillate. Which results in a clinical level of consistency with each dosage, and I'm sure this is important to all of us. Starting on a fairly empty stomach a single 25mg tab got me to a good 7-8/10 within 45 min, and stayed that way for about 6 hours! In the last hour I was noticably sleepy, though this was also because it was very much time for bed. All in all I highly recommend this product for controlled dosing (each 25mg tab has a score in the center for even more precise lower dosage), quality, consistency, discreetness, and because it is vegan friendly!
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