Ginger Dark Chocolate 1:1 Bar


Introducing the first CBD chocolate bar from Kiva, made from 100% cannabis plants rich in cannabidiol, grown naturally in Mendocino County, California. Our handcrafted bar offers just the right balance of CBD to THC for a calm and relaxing effect, all delivered in a delicious chocolate bar mixed with ginger.

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5 stars

Super legit

Amazing quality in every aspect. It’s a smooth top notch dark chocolate. The ginger tastes real and unprocessed. It’s well measured out, and also well-scored to more easily break it into blocks for proper dosage. Consistent high. The box/wrapper is very child proof and thusly, can be pretty adult proof if it’s your first time trying to open these bad boys.

The best ever!!!

I've never felt 20 mg before. I've always had to eat at least two 300 mg 20 mg of this you will feel. You're not going to be fucked up but you will feel it. The packaging is crazy it makes me want to save it. it's too nice to throw away

Delicious and potent

Now this is what I'm talking abou:! Quality cannabis product. From the packaging to the potency. Dark chocolate ginger is a refreshing flavor.

Game Changer 😊

Got a free sample of the Ginger 1:1 CBD bar (10mg/10mg) & now I'm in love! I'm an all-day, everyday dabber who occaisionally also smokes flowers. Up until now, I haven't found ANY edibles or CBD products I like enough to purchase more than 2× - This bar is a complete game changer for me! I ate 1/3 of a SQUARE in the AM for the past 3 days (yep, ONLY 3mg:3mg). I wasn't expecting any effects but it NOTICEABLY reduced my depression, anxiety, pain & even my MANIA (Whaaaaaat?!?!?) yet I still had energy & mental clarity to function in public. The absolute best part, despite the low THC level, I had absolutely NO desire to smoke or eat another dose for 8-12 hours after the first one 😮 - I am SOLD!

I love

All kiva so good yummy

Worth a try

I found this flavor by mistake. I was at a shop and a kiva vendor was there giving out samples, and I said I like ginger but that specific shop doesn't carry ginger however the kiva vendor still gave me a sample of ginger. It became my most favorite edible that I now go to other shops to find it. $30 for a single bar is quite pricey but I try to find a good deal on it. This review is specifically for the kiva ginger bar. I'm absolutely in love with the fact that it's half thc & half cbd. I wish they offered a lower price. If you love ginger this bar will not disappoint. This bar legit improves my mood...I mean I don't like the $30 price just for one bar but I mean before eating this I'll feel angsty but after eating it I'm just chilling and giggling and feel happy. I'm epileptic and have bi-polar disorder, so I'm not kidding when I say this bar improves my mood. If I could choose an edible to eat for life it would be this ginger kiva bar. My family & friend like it too.

Love the CBD THC half and half!

These are great if you need to be awake and doing chores for example but need to get rid of that pain!
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