5 Alive

Product description

(Bubblegum x Orange Juice) x Grape Pie


This juicy delight has been flying under the radar since her release by expert breeder Cannarado, but she’s definitely worthy of notoriety. One of the most potent flowers we cultivate at LitHouse, 5 Alive is an overachiever, scoring the highest marks in taste, aroma, beauty, and effects. The sunny flavor of freshly juiced orange perfectly captures the sensory pleasure of this energetic strain. As photogenic as she is flavorful, 5 Alive yields thick, colorful buds, coated in sticky resin, just waiting to be squeezed.  A personal favorite for quite a few of our LitHouse team members and industry partners, 5 Alive has that perfect care-free high that puts a big grin on your face, like you just got an unexpected check in the mail and everything’s coming up roses.


Our LitHouse premium eighth jars contain 3.5 grams of small-batch, craft grown, cannabis flower. LitHouse focuses on flavor and potency. All of our flower is slow cold-cured and expertly trimmed for maximum terpene preservation. You can always count on high quality and consistency in every jar from LitHouse.

Flower5 AliveChestnutEarthyEuphoricGigglyHoneyHybridTingly

About this strain: 5 Alive

5 Alive by Cannarado is a three-way combination of Bubblegum, Orange Juice, and Grape Pie.

The top reported aromas of the 5 Alive strain are oranges and fresh lemons. It is said to taste of other citrus fruit and berries.

5 Alive by Cannarado is a three-way combination of Bubblegum, Orange Juice, and Grape Pie.

The top reported aromas of the 5 Alive strain are oranges and fresh lemons. It is said to taste of other citrus fruit and berries.

Top reported strain effects

  • Tingly

  • Euphoric

  • Giggly

Top reported strain flavors

  • Honey

  • Earthy

  • Chestnut

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14 reviews

2 years ago
5 stars

Johnny 5 Feels Alive! 🤖

No disassemble ... Need more input ... Johnny needs 5 Alive! Inpuuuuut ... 🤤
2 years ago
5 stars

🔥🔥🔥 Sativa

First strain I tried and became a fan. High quality buds, dope smoke
2 years ago
5 stars

First strain I tried

This is the first strain from lithouse that I have tried and I love it! The buds are super fresh and pretty and smell really good
2 years ago
5 stars

Davis collective

Picked up a batch frist time smoking and opeing the jar and all i can say is thank you what a beauitful batch did i get the smell is like orange juice its crazy white ashes hits smooth inhale and exhale
12 months ago
5 stars

Amazing sativa $46 @indacut

Flower has all the right elements to it, sticky, the right density, smokes well, and hits great. A head high that tingles and propels you through the day with euphoria!
1 year ago
5 stars


This sent tingles all across my body starting from the neck down to behind the arms and back. super wicked and floaty feel until you sit down and get hammered in by gravity. makes you goofy. great for being with friends and just talking. 🔥
4 months ago
5 stars


Taste so delicious 😍
10 months ago
5 stars


Lit House makes it into the >+33% club!!!!!! (Life begins at 33%)
10 months ago
3 stars


Head high. I'm a daily smoker. A bong hit with this strain hits. Every hit gets me. I highly recommend trying it. 3/5 because it wasn't a full 3.5g. Idk why I always get shorted by .20. Is it standard to put 3.3g nowadays and hope no one noticed?
1 year ago
3 stars

Pretty good

Looks great, smells okay, and smokes okay. Worth trying but not top tier quality in my opinion. Good effects but lacking in flavor.
3 months ago
3 stars

Looks great, smells great. Not the most effective.

Update: it's great flower, but for $60/8th I would not purchase again. Not the most effective of strains for me. Looks great, smells great, just doesn't have the kick, or at least it's not working for me. Will try again in the morning, but I have a feeling this strain is going to be a no go for me personally. It's a beautiful flower, just not working for my needs.
11 months ago
3 stars


Good stank but lacks the punch
8 months ago
1 star


I'm a big fan of this brand. The smell and taste and is usually off the charts. Unfortunately, this particular flower smells and smokes very preemie and went off to the trashcan.
2 years ago
5 stars

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