CBN Transdermal Pen

Product description

Designed as an accompaniment to our patches, Mary’s transdermal gel pens are the perfect resource for patients managing breakthrough pain, or for creating blended cannabinoid ratios. The light gel is placed directly on the skin and gently rubbed in for rapid relief. Available in 50 uses of 2mg doses.

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3 reviews

2 years ago
5 stars

awesome for all day relief

a lot of people use this for sleep, I do as well. however, I also use it to get rid of headaches by applying it to my temple and hairline. awesome product. I can't vouch for the CBN patch yet. one of the main components I like is the smell.
4 years ago
4 stars

Not as good as the CBN patches

I know these are supposed to be a compliment to the CBN patches and I get that but they just aren’t as good. The pen has a really strong and unnecessary fragrance. I feel like the patches work so much better and last longer. If I need extra or breakthrough relief I just cut a patch in half and put that on instead of using the pen. Plus the smell is likely to trigger a migraine for me so this pen is pretty much a no-go. Too bad.
8 months ago
1 star

Not Good for Me!

Unfortunately I didn't like this product because of a bad reaction I had to it. Every muscle in my body felt like it was rumbling, shaky, and I was super uncomfortable within minutes of use. Initially bought to help ease nerve pain from a spinal injury while trying to sleep at night. I think it is a super cool product that MM put out there, especially being a gel pen. I hope it can help others!
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