Green Dragon Aspen

3.2 stars by 14 reviews
dispensaryAspen, COrecreational
Open Now 9:00am - 12:00am

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3.2 stars

They were open

Hey if you are open, there is a good chance people will come.

Collecting Personal Info - Go elsewhere

Warning! This store requires scanning of ID's and collection of personal information! They claim it is required by law, which is FALSE! Go elsewhere. Do NOT allow your personal info to be collected. Amendment 64 explicitly states... "The department shall not require a consumer to provide a retail marijuana store with personal information other than government-issued identification to determine the consumer’s age, and a retail marijuana store shall not be required to acquire and record personal information about consumers other than information typically acquired in a financial transaction conducted at a retail liquor store."

3 star

Decent bud.

Do not come here

This place was the worst dispo I’ve ever been to. What was listened on their signs didn’t turn out to be true. There was one serious incompetent man working. Do not go here. Go to native roots or roots rx. Very convenient and close to this awful place green dragon.

Straight up SHIT

Whoever's reading this never go to green dragon aspen. They package their weed with nitrogen makes its dray and crispy everything that is by one get one for a penny is probably gonna go bad within the week i dont know about yall but i aint eating expired food. The reason there prices are so cheap is because its shit just look at their buds all stemmy and shit its simply regular weed like you can get on the corner. Yea im saying its Reggie you get what you pay for. Then there's this new Gm erin lighty she has no idea how to run a business she is the most betraying human being ive ever worked for soooo if your thinking about working their understand this is not some random customer this is someone that litterly just got fired because of some fuckery. The fact we lost 4/6 people within the week should tell yall enough this is a warning to anyone thinking about it. 13.00 an hour 14.50 if your a manager sucks. You can go to any other dispensary and start out at 15.00 or higher screw ERIN LIGHTY

Best price

Probably the best price you can find in aspen!! Got a 1/2 a bag for 60 bucks... green crack was just ok!! Check it out, not a bad deal at all Worth the trip

Bad Quality Bud

Not good weed with a lot of pesticides and chemicals always having so many leafs. Cheap prices but the worst quality!!! Everything comes in a non-recyclable bag that gets your weed everywhere! Horrible idea!

Great experience

Nice atmosphere with full range of products at good prices. Ask about chill pills.

Best deal in town

No doubt the best prices in Aspen - $20 1/8ths are killer. Very different vibe compared to the other shops in town. The people that work there seem to really enjoy themselves and are way friendly. Very relaxed and that's important to me. Weed is very good and on par with most shops in town with better deals. Great t-shirts - go Dragon!

great lil stop

decided to come by here after a ski trip and got some quick prerolls and some flo everything lived up to my expectations and the quality and pricing wasnt bad thanks for the good experience green dragon

quality CON-troll

Definitely better product around, and Atmosphere. $70 1/8's is just plain wrong as are disgruntled bud tenders. send Aaron Rodgers packing! Too many shops in Aspen to deal with attitude from a self proclaimed weed expert bud tenders.
Green Dragon Aspen
Patient Zer0, we wish you had a better experience. We have $30 1/8ths available the last two weeks... and our top-shelf rec bud is $70 (Med is $32)... As budtenders, we try to be informative and have fun and want you to have a great time while you are in the store.
Official Response

Stay away from Aaron Rodgers

Decent selection but not always consistent with their online menu. If you see a budtender that looks kind of like Aaron Rodgers, wait until someone else is available. He doesn't seem to want to really help anyone.

Love this place

This place is fantastic great weed great service and the cheaper prices from aspen to glenwood springs definitely my new favorite place. if you are looking for a great quality weed ,great service and a fantastic prices this place will be for you

Great Place

Ron and his staff were awesome!' Everybody was so helpful,. Everything was explained in great detail, and everyone was so patient with us! But watch out, it is real easy to run up a high tab! I was like a kid in a candy store, and I wanted one of everything!