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Pat Pen continues to provide the greatest vape pen by offering a purity pledge assuring their 300mg Sativa Cartridge vape pens arrive as 100% CO2 hash oil with added terpenes or enhanced vapor and aid in its mind-bending effects. Also avaiable in 600mg Cartridge.

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2.3 stars

So Disappointed

Was upsold at Starbudz to get this 600 mg sativa cartridge. I've tried many, many, different cartridges and have never had to use a 'witch hat' as it's called on their website. I have since have had to try to 'burp' the cartridge at least 10 times, and has not worked. I've even tried to let the concentrate melt inside in order to shake down the bubble, but have not been able to. When I can get sometime of a hit, even on the lowest heat setting - it tastes like plastic. For $45 bucks I would never try these again. :(

Doesn't work

I bought 2 600 mg cartridges last week. The hybrid works fine but the sativa does NOT. I am using a pat battery and neither the cartridge nor the battery was exposed to extreme weather. This is very frustrating since there is no way for the product to be replaced, returned, or refunded. I understand it is a risk the consumer takes with these products, however we need to let you know it's unacceptable! 50% of the time you fail! Lame

Mark C.

Great Product, the flavor is very smooth and it's a great high.
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