Gelato 45

Gelato #45 just hit the shelves! Come take a look! The folks at Ganja Hut make no claims to medical benefits of Cannabis, as dictated by recently implemented Oklahoma State laws. However, below you will find the statements from others, available online: This earthy indica hybrid stimulates a relaxing high with a robust terpene profile of sweet ice cream and spicy sandalwood. Lineage: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies.   Those that have tried Gelato 45 have described its effects as mood-enhancing, often leaving the consumer ready to socialize and enjoy a good conversation. Fans have also stated this strain can sometimes cause small bouts of the giggles, so watching funny movies or playing fun games may become seemingly more entertaining while trying Gelato 45. Some consumers that have tried this strain as an alternative therapy have claimed it can help alleviate mild pain throughout the body or reduce anxiety or depression. Because this strain is a hybrid, effects will vary between indica and sativa sensations and can be different for every consumer.  

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