NUG Shatter - Headband


Imagine having the most powerful parents in the world. That kid is Headband, a potent cross of powerhouses Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The intense citrus and diesel terpene profile of Headband is perfectly retained in NUG’s Headband Shatter. Dab a glob of this awesome concentrate and get ready to sail away.

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4 stars
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This isn't a review of the product.. the product is fine. What there is to complain about is the packaging. I don't know what kind of plastic film they use with this shatter but after putting up with lost product due to it sticking all over the place and being impossible to remove! I love Nug's flower and sauces but until you guys get your act together on the packaging, I'll find my shatter elsewhere. This is the 2nd and last Time I'm buying your shatter until you start using Parchment Paper. I've already contacted you guys on your website and have mentioned it to my dispensary.

this shatter is the shit

it does The job medically and for that I love this brand and I support nug I love there flower it's a must try my fav from nugs flowers is the CeMENT Shose and my fav shatter is the HeaDBaND and my fav sugar is the lotus but does the headband help with anxiety nasua and helps me with my appitite munchies and I'm recovering opiate Roxy and oxy opiate addict I've been clean for 3 years due to my everyday concentrate smoke I smoke everyday out my dab rig this hands down is my fav product in the cali game heard they even got there product out to Colorado is so cheers guys ur product sells it's self every time I'm in Oakland I hit up my fav club and stock up on a mix n match 14,gram half oz of nug but pic 14 different strains cheers try it there chocolate edibales are the shit to I made a fude cake a used about 8 milk chocolate bars to melt down in my fudge mix and used heavenly sweet medibales 2000mg Cana buter I'm on my ass rn nug please come out with ur own butter please

One of my favs!

This is by far one of my favorite tasting dabs. Glob it on thick because the full flavor is sure to have you sitting happy in your seat! Biggest complaint is that I can never keep it stashed for just smokes too nice!
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