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dispensaryRiverbank, CAmedical & recreational
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3.4 stars

When you're here, you're family.

Wait that's olive garden. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the facilities and ammenities of this dispensary. Contrary to the lower star reviews, this club features some of the lowest-priced, premium, branded products. Bring back the 30 percent off so I can really dent up my check $$$ CHA CHING CHA CHING BABY Best regards, Proffesor Dumbledore

love this place

always have the best deals

Favorite dispensary

One of my favorite dispensary all around. I’ve been to all of their location but I’ll still take the drive here. The music is always on point and the people always greet me with a smile. My go to people are Uri, Maria, and Simon. But I’ve noticed she’s been missing. Miss her beautiful smile :/ Their selection is great too! Why do people complain about prices when all 3 spots STILL have some of the best prices compared to others. Always recommend this spot to everyone! Keep up the great work Flavors! I’ll be waiting for the sale again

Made My Evening!

A few days ago I decided that I wanted to find some edibles that weren't out of a crock pot in someones back yard.. so a friend of mine recommended Flavors which is super close to my house. I pre-registered online (convenient) and headed to the dispensary. The girl working the front desk surprised me with a first timer 30% discount which was awesome! I walked in and was shocked at what a great little setup they have in there. I have never been to a club before and I'm 39, so when I saw everything and how it was all setup, I felt exactly like a kid in a candy store!! Haha. Truth. The line moved super fast and then it was my turn, I told the bud tender what I was looking for and that I wanted a mellow edible. He helped me pick out Kushy Punch Recover gummies, and I really have enjoyed them! I am very pleased they help me through anxiety and to sleep very comfortably. I forgot the guys name at the counter but he was great and everyone I encountered there was professional and courteous; from the security to the tenders. I have read some reviews from people who rated this establishment in a negative light and I honestly cannot understand why because I had an A+ experience and I will absolutely be returning to do business with them again! Thank you Flavors for a great experience!

Phenos, PCF, Flavors

If you re traveling to one of these places to save some money, it may have been worth it before, but just like every other place now. Ship on weedmaps and you can find deals just as good without having to travel. 30% off they are the best around without it just another club

Menu is ALWAYS wrong

Need someone solely just to update the menu because literally everything every time i come in to get what I’ve chosen off the menu is never in stock 👎🏽


Bring back the 30% or you guys will continue to not have people come in. Love the shop when y’all aren’t robbing the good people who spend their hard earned cash in your store. Boycott flavors PCF and Phenos until they bring the 30% back cause obviously they are cool with selling their subpar products and a premium price. NOT COOL. Bring it back and you’ll get your customers back until then ✌🏼

good selection and prices

Even better with the discount

great place

like the prices and staff

this place rocks

the staff kicks a$$ and the store is BEAUTIFUL

This place sucks

Pulled up got out of my truck took a hit of my nicotine vapor riser and got attacked by the security guard for smoking in the parking lot I told nobody’s going to tell me what parking lot I can smoke tobacco in so fu#% this place all you guys at flavors can kiss my white asz. Turned around got my truck and left security guard says oh you don’t got a leave piss on him.

Doesn’t matter how busy you get there’s no excuse

Taking a look at new products & the different prices as all of a sudden I was feeling rushed & walked out without a gram I had purchased , unfortunate & most travel to get their meds I’m one of those , so having to come back when I was already home was very unfortunate, not the first time either , CHECK YOUR BAGS BEFORE IN ROUTE BACK HOME!!!

Allie & Uriel 5star

I usually have to act as my own budtender in terms of cannabis genetics and terpenoid profiles and end up educating your staff but the past two times I’ve stopped by I’ve had the pleasure of being helped by Uriel and Allie who are both extremely knowledgeable and patient as I get quite indecisive. Keep these two happy and seek more like them.

Good service

Was greeted with enthusiasm and care by Uriel (highly recommended if you can wait). He took his time to find what fits my specific needs and helped bargain deals with great quality

Great Service

Found my favorite bud tender so far. Uriel was knowledgeable about everything and was able to answer every question I had. He went above and beyond making sure I was happy and well taken care of. By far the best service I’ve had at a dispensary. This is my new spot.


great place and I will br returning

Love It

great employees great selection
purple fire

great customer service

found my fav budtender its sasha shes very knowledgeable and knows her products and also very cute lol ,her recommendations were great.keep up the good work flavors .

First Time @ Flav

In and out in lest than 15 min. Alyssa was awesome to work with. Will be back..

Great products

I’ve gotten some really good stuff from there and they have really great products