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3.4 stars

the menus never right

whoever does the menus for these places on weedmap needs to be took out back and shot not fired or let go took out back and put down like a lame horse

Waste Of Time

Don't do it.


Menu never accurate overpriced generally, sometimes got good deals tho

No 6 dollar rollies. Friendly to expensive

The people where nice but the vibe was not to my liking.

Best of the Besy

Great prices,good quality ,staff are very professional fast service and best prices in town..

best when 30% off

30% makes this club the best

Flavorz of the week

I enjoyed the store when it was 30% off NO CAP. I left a comment one time saying they should BRING the 30% back & I said we should go to the other stores that have sales until they bring it back. and I was BANNED for this comment from all of their stores PCF ,Flavors and the Phenos so I just want to remind everyone be mind full of your comments and if it has your photo they will BAN you for a bad response and security ESCORTS you out of the store like you were a CRIMINAL! this happened to me a year ago I haven't been back since it was terribly embarrassing I have never been treated like that anywhere. my comments always deleted. I agree you should be able to call and ask if they have something if you're driving more than an hour away not just say check Weedmaps and then get there and they don't have it is a really messed up thing to do. read the five star comments you can clearly see it's the employees.


Simon new what he was talking about and was very helpful! Fair prices

no knowledge on cannabis, way over priced

90% of the budtenders that I have been assisted by while there have no knowledge , they definitely have a wide variety of flower to choose from but it's very overpriced. I'll be 100% honest I wouldn't spend a dollar in this club unless you are offering the 30 % because I feel like I'm getting completely ripped off! I would rather hit the weedman then contribute to this businesses hussle. The owner must be stacking for a Bentley or something. When they have 30 % off, I spend at least 200 dollars myself a week here but like I said I'm not allowing myself to get played if you got it like that more power to ya ✊🏼. The menu is never updated I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have driven over 45 min. to get there and what im looking for, that was on the menu is now out of stock. It's just not good business to take advantage of your customer like that. ✌🏼

trash dispensary

budtenders have no knowledge of the products and their prices are inflated

joke store

don't waste your time (OR MONEY) and find a better dispensary

Fake Cartridges

I'll never, ever come back here. My first visit I bought a cartridge and it is so obviously counterfeit it's not even funny. Tastes like crap, bubbles form an inch up the glass, and it doesn't give me the slightest head change. I only came cause my regular place was closed for a holiday. I'd rather go without anything for WEEKS than come back to this pathetic excuse for a dispensary. I don't want to get pneumonia from fakes, thanks.


Yeah they're cheaper but you need to have more inventory to keep up supply and demand. Too many flower options and not enough rollies! And I'm getting really tired of being asked about my backpack by the same door guy. He is the ONLY one who ask to check my bag but not other womens purses!! Not all women carry purses.

The Best

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Very informative. Coming from Manteca it’s nice to find a quality dispensary

My time is done with PCF/Flavors/Phenos

I suggest everyone just to look elsewhere so they can get their act together. The more people that don't care because they have cheap prices they will never fix their inventory problems, old harvested weed from months ago, etc. Just go to NRC or Doctors Choice. NRC offers daily deals and been having 23% off for a while. Doctors choice been 30% off for a long time. They all have good prices. The owner of these establishments needs a reality check.

Always out of product

Takes me a hour to get there and this is my 4th time to drive there and no strawberry cough heavy hitters or fruity pebbles edibles. Weedmaps says in stock but when I get there they do not have it. Very disappointing. They will not allow to call in advance to make sure it’s in stock.

hard pass, unless sale time

Flavors/PCF/Phenos: pretty much only good for going to when they have their 30% off sales. The prices without, are typically in the same range as other local dispensaries, only not worth going to because: 1.) the menus for any of those places are typically inaccurate, so even if you go with something in mind that you want, chances are it ain’t actually there 2.) I’m a woman and not stating this to be sexist; but the woman at pretty much all of these places are dumb AF and only there to be a pretty face and draw men in (which I get bc $$$). If I ask questions about product from a female, none of them are actually knowledgable. One of them didn’t even know what a hybrid was????? 🧐🤔🧐 The dudes tend to actually know more about product, so if you care about that try to get a dude at least. 3.) I’ve had females lie to me about percentages on cartridges in order to push lower quality ones, and literally keep money from my change/transaction (dollars, not penny change).

30% off for one day only?

Thanks for the one day only Labor Day sale. Rather than doing a Labor Day weekend sale like most businesses would run, you offer a sale for one day. That was really convenient for people like me who worked from 9am to 9pm yesterday and had no chance to come in. Oh well. Other places in the area are still offering discounts that don’t appear and then disappear without notice, even with regular prices similar to yours. Worth the little extra drive not to over pay at your store

CBD Tincture

I am writing this review mainly for the clerk who helped me find the right CBD product and ratios. Sergio took the time to compare pricing between CBD tincture brands to help me find the most bang for my buck, and also explained what ratios would be better for what ailments.


came back prices are much better and bud is awesome !