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Craft distillate cartridges are available from our premium Sesh line. Distillate is produced by taking a cannabis concentrate and applying precisely controlled heat and pressure to extract individual cannabinoids and terpenes. The distillation process is repeated until the concentrate is refined and pure. Distillate oil is a pure product that is refined at the molecular level with a potency that ranges from 75-95% THC. Our vape cartridges come in 500 mg packages.  Our Sesh cartridges have also been reintroduced with naturally derived cannabis terpenes 


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3.7 stars


not single problem.

Worst cart ive ever smoked

I used to like craft. I was getting decent shatter and wax from craft for a while. I lost all trust in them when tried my first "sesh" cart. Ive seen these garbage carts being sold all over the city med side for as cheap as $15 a cart... that should be a red flag! These things are sooo harsh, and taste like funky weird semi sweet chemicals. Does not taste like hash. Does not taste like weed. Doesnt even taste good. I would never smoke these again and i wouldnt want any of my friends/ family smoking this trash. Please craft, fix your shit.

Okay for the price

Snagged one of these from Lightshade, was originally attracted by the price($27 & change OTD). I found the packaging kind of awkward to use, and my cart didn’t work right away when screwed in to my battery, had to fiddle with the gold pin on the bottom. Once I was able to get it functional, I was pretty disappointed by the lack of adjustable air flow, and it led to me having to ‘burp’ air bubbles out of the cart during use. However the gunmetal finish & glass tank were both appreciated! The tangerine haze cart I got was okay on flavor, not great. The smell was just like opening a box of fruity pebbles though, very discreet. The potency was great, 94% and certainly felt as such. All in all, I’d not go out of my way to purchase a Sesh cart unless it was on sale. I feel there are better options at the price point. My experience does make me hesitant to purchase a higher end Craft cart as well, the distillate is DANK, but the low quality hardware makes it very hard to actually enjoy.

Here's how to fix these...

I've bought around a dozen of these and I only had (1) actually work right out of the box. The problem is that the center firing pin on the bottom of the cartridge gets pushed too far up inside the body of the cartridge. If this happens, the firing pin isn't in contact with the battery terminal. If you use a small screwdriver or small set of tweezers, you can pry up this pin just enough to make contact with the battery. I can almost guarantee this isn't a bubble issue. It's a firing issue.

Never again

I bought 3 of these at Lightshade in Denver and 2 of them are bad. It's money wasted.

Best bang for your dollar cart in the city

20$ at LivWell! High testers, taste is fine for mine, can’t beat this or the panacea!

Great Carts tasty terps.

These are great when the in house flower used for them is good. Ask to see and smell the flower they grow that has been used for the cartridge or one that closely matches. If you like what you see in the flower then you will like what the cartridge has to offer. :)

my favorite cart brand

I love the packaging for your items and thank you for the quality

I got 16 cartridges coupon and all fired well 🔥

Got a coupon from cannasaver for 16 cartridges @232 and all of them fired well .. Good product for an unbeatable price .. going for 16 more

Faulty Cartridges

I want to start with the positives here... I’ve had 4 different strain cartridges from this brand. Great taste (mango kush was my absolute favorite) and a good high.. when the cartridges actually work. I originally purchased 2 cartridges at a dispensary I frequent. The first one worked like a champ and I couldn’t have been happier. The second cartridge however worked for about 5 good puffs and then developed an air bubble which prevented it from hitting at all. My dispensary recommended trying a different brand that hasn’t had any returns yet but I insisted on trying Craft again. SAME thing happened again! I was told to put it in a plastic bag and run it under hot water, so I did and it worked for about two puffs and then stopped again. I exchanged it out for another one and the same thing happened. Needless to say after trying 3 different cartridges with the same result I finally decided not to go back to Craft. Extremely disappointed.

Best cartridge best Taste

Initially loved the price so I decided to give it a try then it turned to be the best .. They just do the job right , great taste . I ended ordering lots more before they price increase again lol . Excellent product ; highly recommended
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