Premium Disposable Vape Pen - Skywalker


This disposable vapor pen comes pre-charged and pre-loaded with 500 MG of live resin, testing at ~80% THC and 90%+ total cannabinoids. The ultimate choice for potent and discreet vaping.


Skywalker | Great for both pain relief and relaxation, Skywalker is an excellent strain to help you unwind after a long day.

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4 stars

HELP... battery died

I have 3/4 tank full of oil yet battery is dead. I love this oil and I loved the pen before it died..I am curious (I am new to the whole vaping pot oil thing) can I take the oil out of tank and put it in one of my kanger protank ecigs with a vision spinner adjustable battery? Or what can I do so not to waste all this oil.? Help would be greatly appreciated.


Hits so good not like the other ones super clean taste not any fake harsh flavor
Alpine Vapor
Thank you so much for the appreciation and support!
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