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The Bloom Brand Green Crack Drop is an easy way to add exactly the right type of jolt to your day. With this handy applicator, you decide how much of Green Crack’s citrusy pine terpene profile and Sativa-dominant cannabinoids you can handle. The Bloom Brand specializes in ethenol-extracted cannabis oils. Each glass dispenser contains 800 mg of Bloom oil that tests at 70% THC.

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3.5 stars

green crack

Bought a half gram cart at local socal dispensary after reading good reviews about the experiemce it provides. I was disappointed in the flavor, as it was exceptionally harsh and bitter. Admittedly, the high was moderate after two good rips, but very short lived. I guess the real surprise for me came in the come down an hour later. It would seem that most consumers have little to no crash afterwards, but I was couch locked and down for the count! I have tried almost all of the cartridges Bloom offers, and the only one I have found to be to my satisfaction was Jack Herer. What I know for certain is that Green Crack is definantly not for me.
Hey Mike7131, we're bummed to hear GC didn't work out for you. :/ We highly recommend trying our MW if you're into uplifting, tasty sativa! Thanks again for your feedback, we appreciate you choosing Bloom.
Official Response

Best sativa high ever

Most bud smokers have smoked green crack, well this just like that! Very tasty and just makes you want to do things! Best way to keep a day going
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