Evergreen Cannabis

3.9 stars by 8 reviews
dispensaryBlaine, Washingtonrecreational
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3.9 stars
tim f.


I finally broke down and went to the Evergreen Cannabis store in Blaine, I've been going to the gas station store down the street or driving in to Bellingham to pick up quality buds , and it only seemed right, since I drive past them every day. I was so disappointing with the selection. I asked for the best buds they have in the shop and was shown something that looked like dirt their stores inventory was painful to look at, and the quality reminded me of back in the medical days when a small dispensary would grow all their own inventory, everything looks the same and it is all crap .

currently running low on Cronic

Nice environment, clean-looking shop, friendly staff, but it just doesn't seem like they can get it together their product selection is next to minimal. Last two times I've been in there,i have been disappointing with there empty shelf. The first time i got some bubblegum from cyclopse. There was only one or two other choices in the whole shop. The second time i returned the staff told me the owner and his wife smoked all the bubble gum from cyclopse, sorry I actually walked out empty-handed and went up the street, good luck finding any type of quanity, no mater how low your standards, i dont recall them having any ounces, haves or ,quarters, Be prepared for them to piece together a eight in gram bags and over charge you for their lack of inventory. Here is the truth , They dont even have what is listed on their on line menu which is next to nothing.

Great staff

Went in today don't have what was listed on Weedmaps for a g of oil, helped me out with the price difference of blue bastard thanks for much..tue Aug 29

Couldn't get enough!!

I love to have my buds a certain way and the folks at Evergreen know exactly how to handle marijuana so that the presentation remains impeccable. The freshness and variety are a definite advantage. I definitely suggest this place to anyone near there.

Definately worth checking out this store.

The staff is great, always incredibly friendly people. The bud is always really good, and their other selections of oils and edibles are pretty solid as well. The only issues I have with the place is a large lack of any bulk (7g-28g) flower products; which I prefer; and it's almost always way too hot inside. Other then those small things, a really great store with amazing staff.

You NEED to check this place out!!

THE GOOD: Regardless of the price, I have ALWAYS felt I got what I paid for. Yet to feel taken....which is something I encounter OFTEN at the other stores. Higher quality for less $$...worth the drive to Blaine. They bust their butts there to make your experience there fun and enjoyable...very upbeat staff. They look at you like you are a person....not like you are simply $$$ like soooo many other places. THE BAD: Yup....there is actually something I am not impressed with. The inventory is lacking to often. It really is the only negative I have of the place. I wish they had more choices...even though what they do have is the best quality out there.


I enjoy it everytime I go! Very friendly staff, great stuff, great prices, and just all around a great place! Highly recommended!!!!

under $10 grams!

selection is low. quality for the price is good. some of their suppliers don't manicure as well as they should. the staff is quite friendly, albeit only a few know much beyond basic knowledge. Great management! under 10$ grams keep me coming back! overall good store.