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4.5 stars by 642 reviews
dispensary Los Angeles, CAmedical & recreational
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4.5 stars


I called this place and spoke to someone who told me they had a device that I was looking for it. I ran into the shop which should’ve been a 10 minute trip, only to find out that no, they didn’t have the device that I called about. When I l decided on something else, that took over 20 minutes to get the product and ring me up. And it wasn’t because it was busy and there were lines. All in all a couple of the people working there know their stuff but I wouldn’t go back there if you paid me. The security guard that had just arrived as I was leaving, couldn’t lift a finger to help me get my senior dog back into the car because he was “in the middle of eating..” which was the last straw for me and this place.

Too slick and overpriced

They remodeled the store and now it feels like you’re in Whole Foods, with little side vendors every few feet. Most of the items don’t have prices displayed and are behind counters, so it’s kind of impossible to browse without an employee’s help. When a place hides prices, it’s not because they are proud of them. The employees are all professional and friendly. I’m not knocking them. I’m just not sure what the vision for this store is and why they would want to become more generic and pricey, like Medmen. Maybe this store is trying to provide a more sophisticated experience, for people who don’t know how much prices can vary from shop to shop. They used to have photos of entertainment icons on the walls. Now there’s not warmth to the place. Also, I realized I only had 20 bucks in me, so I asked if I could just buy a gram of something. They were all out of grams and offered to sell me prerolls instead. Oh well.


I just left this place and honestly it was bad vibes all around, so bad I made an account to write this review. The workers were not friendly or helpful. I feel like most budtenders like to crack jokes and shoot the shit with you but these people seemed annoyed with helping me. I usually go to the same spot but I thought I’d give this store a shot. It was a mistake. There are so many other weed shops in this city with nice people and better deals that deserve your money.

BMW( Bring my wallet)

Good bud selection but total rip off. For example they got “CRU” 1/8 for 45,everywhere else has em for 35-40. They money grabbing, check ur receipts they will over charge u, no consistent on charging the right taxes. The staff varies, depending who on duty will depend how good service u get.

FLAV Sour Belts Are🔥🔥

I was here a recently and picked up some Flav sour belts and a couple prerolls....DAMN it was sooooo good by far the best I've had in a while! I will be back!

Still the best in it

ERBA did the damn thing. I hit up this spot for the first time this year and noticed it changed quite a bit but I was actually impressed. They really stepped up their selection and quality and for a shop this caliber the prices are A1. Really dope to interact with budtenders who are a bit informed and naturally insightful vs being pushy to buy whatever they need to get rid of, like some other spots in this area.

Go Anywhere Else

This shopping experience is frustrating, expensive and full of rude budtenders. They offer a lot of products but unfortunately have a confusing process that is in no way intuitive. Avoid at all costs.

They only care about money

I remember when erba wasn't erba markets. Erba was great until they opened up the space turning into a mini weed supermarket. You may think this is a good thing but it is preventing them from providing the level of attention and care that they used to provide. Before the budtenders would talk to you, walk you through things, and explain what each product is good for. Now you have to know exactly what you want to buy, then stand in line for half an hour before you can even tell them what you want. If you haven't ever been here before you aren't going to get what you need because everything is all over the shop. There isn't one place for one certain type of product anymore. And if you don't know what you are looking for or what you want, the budtenders just tell you to look around then get in line once you find something. Nothing will change though because they get enough tourists to keep running. They don't care about the people that live here anymore.
papa smurf

Service has diminished

I been going to erba since they took over this location. Other than the price and selection thats been slacking recently, the issue I have is they change the layout every week. Today the budtender tried to help someone who came in after me before me because i didnt get in the proper line? Treat people like that and no one will be left there. i spend about 200 everytime I come in or get delivery you would think they would be polite but instead wn angry budtender literally threw 8th bags i asked to see at me. -Mo

One word...FANTASTIC

What a marvelous place! Great edible selections and CBD products as well... this will be my one and only place I’ll be going to thank you ERBA!

Favorite place!

I can’t get enough! Love everything I get and love coming in to such a beautiful place!

Very Good

Friendly and helpful staff and good prices, this is my favorite dispensary! The only downside is that they take a little long sometimes.

Staff is so friendly!

I just went in with a friend for my first time and I have to give to you erba I love everything I got and the entire place!! I will be back again soon xo! Hey

Excellent flower!

I’ve been new to pot for about 3 years now and I have never come across a place like ERBA! Excellent place and great flower! Love this place!


I was in your store this afternoon. I am a 56 year old man who suffers from severe leg and back pain due to a 1992 motorcycle accident Because my ID card is expired and I am having problems renewing it. I was not allowed in.. Mind you this was my second trip to the store, the first time was back in May just a month out of date for the DL I have... All I wanted was to get some relief meds, I have opiate at home, but I don't like to take it. I have some edibles coming via mail, but I'm in pain today!!! The DL i have is expired but clearly shows I am over 21, and as purely an ID, is perfectly valid. If the police asked for an ID, they woud look at it, and say it's expirred, to which I'd answer, you asked for an ID not a valid DL, as I am not driving, this card clearly identifies me, and gives all the important stats. So I'm home now and all I can say is, you lost a good customer today. I will not be back, even after I get my valid DL... BTW: the little asian security guard should be fired, he was about 2 seconds from touching me... He doesn't have the temprament to work as a security guard...

I wish I could give 0 stars

Brought 2 small balms of CBD for my moms arthritis and they told me it was 25 each for 2 but when I got there it was really 40 a piece and after tax 2 actually ended up being over $100. You’re better off buying from someone on Venice Beach than getting ripped off by these millionaires.

0 stars

I was in there for about 20 minutes and no one and I mean no one said anything to me I was never even asked if I need help plus 70 for an 8th never I know better places I hope they get shut down

getting help here is a pain in the bud

Pretty much the same products as everywhere else, occasionally they have good deals, but it's such a pain in the butt to actually get help here it's ridiculous. You have to like hunt across 8 different stations where each person can't help you out with the other stations. So if you're trying to pick and choose from a couple different brands you'll be waiting for a while just trying to get help from the different stations. If they had a way where a single person could help you out with your entire transaction I'd reconsider coming here, but it's just such a pain that it's not worth it.


Wow, this shop not only has incredible selection but it has a wonderful layout too. Vendors line the outside of the store so that you can speak one on one with a tender. The variety and quality found here is beyond comparison to others. Take a drive and you will be pleased by what you find here!

my go to delivery

never had any issue with Erba, they have great and friendly staff and they have quality product !