The Toad

$65.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

The toad is derived from two legendary strains, chemdawg og x girl scout cookies. These two perfectly complement each other, creating a truly superior cultivar. Named after its psychedelic effects, The Toads immediate onset of cerebral euphoria tapers into full-body relaxation and relief. The powerful sedation of the toad is coupled with an equally intense flavor profile making it a uniquely trippy experience. Bursting with notes of orange, cinnamon and hops and layered with a sharp petrol aroma, this heavy-hitter is guaranteed to blast you off into another dimension.   


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28 reviews

9 months ago
3 stars

Another brand

Over hyped nothing special don’t know about 36% seems a little excessive but not too bad
5 months ago
3 stars

My batch was dry

Broke down like old cooty lol ( like dust) It hit harsher and my taste wasn’t as good . But if it would have been fresh I’d give it a 4 maybe . High is cool and heavy but not lock worthy . You can get stuff done . Ashes burn White 🤍 Enjoy Twitter/Instagram/YouTube @TheCooliHighh
5 months ago
2 stars

Not worth the price

The flower was super dry and when I opened the bottle, it smelled like a house preroll. It definitely looks better than it smells. It looks covered in trichs which you would hope for at this price point. It smokes somewhat smooth with a subtle but not so pleasant taste. The high was ok but seemed to go away fast. An 8th lasted me 2 days and most others last me a week. The jar showed a November date but seems as if the jar isn’t really air tight. Maven and Source smoke and hit better at the same or lower price points. Unless I somehow got a defective batch, I’d steer clear of this brand.
8 months ago
2 stars


The very weak light weight effects of this remind me of some 30 percent sundae driver I tried once. I have tried more stoney brown green mex before that hit much harder than this. So many over priced poor quality bunk buds now its just sad. You would think things would have gotten even better by now with being legal now and all the practice here in norcal and all over the world over the years. Just sad!
12 months ago
1 star

Whoever gave 5 stars , fake reviews

Honest review , this mike Tyson weed look like some good outdoor flower Waste of $ if you ask me And I smoke heavy Heavier than all these bums writing fake reviews Don’t waste your money with this one
5 months ago
1 star

Fake bought reviews 👎🏽👎🏽

Half of the reviews repeat the same comment just structured in different wording... I also picked up an eighth of this and this is hands down the worst, most dried up flower I’ve purchased, for 50$. I should go and hit Tyson with a class action lawsuit... worst part is they couldn’t refund it after I opened it to inspect it (which I get since were in a pandemic).
1 year ago
5 stars

12 months ago
5 stars

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