Mandarin Kush

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Although this strain's genetics are largely unknown, we'd bet our last dollar that Mandarin OG Kush has a healthy component of one of the Afghan strains. There's simply too much of that deep purple and grape odor to these buds not to have an Afghan lineage. At least, that's our take on this strain from North Seattle's Mary Jane Gardens. By reputation, this strain is higher in CBDs than many strains and, as such, it won't get into patients' cerebellums. That was our experience as well after a few tasty doses of Mandarin OG Kush led to a sense of pain-free bliss and near-euphoria. With effects like those, it's also going to be useful for stress and anxiety relief. It also had us so blissed-out and our body so relaxed that we were able to disconnect from the day's rush of activity and prepare for deep, restorative sleep. Reference:

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