4.7 stars by 17 reviews
dispensaryAddison, Illinoismedical
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Closed11:00am - 8:00pm

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4.7 stars

Best dispensary in IL

Hands down the best dispensary in the state. Product list is beyond spectacular. Atmosphere is very welcoming and settle. Every staff member is glad to assist. Overall A+ in my book

Heavy user

What I like about EarthMed is being able to look at a menu and go. Great service and employees. Staff is great! Very helpful and product knowledgeable. My time has been eventful and enlightening.

Loved it

Down to earth and knowledgeable. Great selection and variety

If you are in the area this is the place for you!

This place has hands down the most inviting atmosphere around! The staff is not only ready to answer ANY questions you may have, they are friendly each and every time. If you are ever in need and one of the staff isn't available the rest of the patients are quick to lend a helpful suggestion. I would never think of choosing any other dispensary!!!

Great staff and selection!

I have been a patient of Earthmed for some time now. It's for a very good reason too. This dispensary has the best staff, hours, and selection. Everyone who works there is very friendly and knowledgeable and you feel good about the experience you just had when you leave. I would recommend EarthMed to anyone looking to have a positive experience with their medicine.

Pictures! :)

Tbh! (To be honest) I love this spot. I read the reviews, and honestly people over think things. The security guard is awesome. He is a open person who just loves to greet guests. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you feel uncomfortable then there’s something wrong with you! That security guard actually makes me feel welcomed! He brings a smile to your face and is always joyful. The spot is hidden but easy to find. It is low key and you don’t have to worry about everyone in your business! The staff is great! Not once did I feel uncomfortable being there. They answer just questions the best way they can! Great vibes all together. Only gave a 4 star because the social media game sucks. Wish I can give a helping on it (because I love posting and sharing reviews and letting clients know the products they are getting!) but I can’t. I like to see what item is out there and how it looks as I am a visual person. This is my main dispensary!


Great hours, but this dispensary did not work for me. Atmosphere is chaotic, security guards made me feel very uneasy and definitely not” secure”. Went back to my old dispensary since I feel safe and secure there, prices too high at earth meds. Security guards need to be professional, this is a medical facility, not a bar!

Amazing staff and selection

First visit was a great experience, Michael was very helpful. Medicine is helping me , great dispensary!

Best Dispensary In Illinois

Great prices and selections. Always in stock. Paula,Mike,Rachael,Loren&Tucker are great with the clients. I always travel out to get my Meds at Earth Med. Hands down the best dispensary in Illinois.


I got lucky on my first dispensary pick. The location is hard to find, but that's okay. I found it. I'm still trying to figure out best strains and it's not easy. You really have to do homework at leafly. I think the security guard is great. You want a no nonsense person out front. Booyah!

Excellent service!

Used them several times and always a good experience. Great quality, price, and service everytime! Will continue to use them. The only place to get your organic, sugar free, and vegan products.


The lady that runs earthmed rocks. The prices are high but they have a new extensive 50 percent off board, woohoo..I love a good ssle. The products are high quality, especially the vaping and wax products.

Awesome Selection

Staff here is very friendly and helpful. Convenient hours of operation. Great selection of products. Only complaint is the high prices, hopefully prices will drop with increase in patients. I highly recommend Earthmed!
Old Hippie76

Great Prices

Earthmed was my first Dispensary. Paula is an Angel👼🏻 and the prices are great. It's just in a bad location for public transportation. And it's like an armory. Floramedex in Elmwood Park, Perfected The Medicinal Marijuana Industry.

Great People

If you're out in the west burbs, the people at earthmed are the ones to see

Nice and easy, breezy....

Super customer service sincerity from 100% of Earthmed employees. Excellent product...they HEAR and LISTEN to your feedback! Some of the employees are so helpful and touch you that you're going to be loyal no matter where you move to in Chicagoland.....

Need a menu!!!

Need to add a menu with THC and CBD amounts please
Chicago North
Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on this right now. For full menu you can register on for email list.
Official Response