Cresco | Cresco Cookies Flower | Hybrid


Cresco elevates everyday cannabis: high quality, true consistency, elevated experiences. Cresco is cannabis you can count on.

Effects: Happy, Relaxed

Flavor: Earthy, Sweet

Lineage: Durban Poison X OG Kush

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4 stars


The prices are really outrageous in P.A.. I am apatient that needs his medication. A medication provided by private companies and government backed companies. If this is such a life saver and is helping so many overcome so much. Why when the profits after 1 yr in PA around the board show that the funding is there the people are willing to pay. Now we need to be able to create programs and legislation to protect and help those who need it but can't afford it. Myself being one of those people my illness my disease has kept me from working. I spent all my saving to stay medicated be staying loyal to brands like Cresco. Because I believe and I see the results. but now i am not sure waiting on disability for 2 yrs. Hoping maybe there is someway I could be a reviewer for growers processors trying new things and blowing it up on SM. i need some help Crest Durbin for Am Cookies for lunch and some Bio JESUS , BANNER @NIGHT. LOVE ALL THE PRODUCTS FROM FLOWER TO RSO AND USE THEM ALL WHEN I CAN

Cresco Cookies Strain Review

The batch I got was dry, shriveled up, and not very potent. About 19%, smelled alright but not like cookies to me, and the effects I had from it were more sedating with decent pain relief. I personally wouldn't try it again but it helped some when I had it so I'll say it's pretty good.
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